Apr 1, 2021 By Tyler

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[NEW] Visual Insights Newsletter | Money Lies (We Tell Ourselves)

Have you ever lied to yourself about money? Have your clients?

We all tell ourselves lies about money, often without realizing it. Whether those money lies are about what we have, earn, or want, they affect our financial behaviors, our relationship with money, and our money mindset.

And these money lies can cost us, in both the short term and the long term.

This Visual Insights Newsletter explores the 7 most common money lies we tell ourselves, along with their associated costs. It reminds your clients and prospects that it’s never too late to set the record straight and positions you as the voice of reason who can help.

You can add your own personal touch in the customizable Financial Lesson.

More about this campaign:

Title: Money Lies (We Tell Ourselves)

Type: Visual Insights Newsletter

Description: This Visual Insights Newsletter explores the common lies we tell ourselves about money and shows how these lies can cost us.

Target Audience: High-Net-Worth clients and some prospects.

Primary Outcome/Action: Engagement — Opening the emails and consuming the content on the page.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Asking a question, signing up, sharing, forwarding email, etc.

Running Time: 21 days.


This newsletter gives your clients an opening to start a conversation with you about a potentially sensitive topic for them. Sharing these money lies, letting them know that they aren’t alone in their struggles, can provide the reassurance they need to take the first step with you.

Getting clients to take an honest look at their finances isn’t always easy, but it can be very rewarding — both for them and for you.

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