“Snappy Kraken is built by a team of self-driven, independent thinkers who are amazing collaborators. It’s these types of entrepreneurial-minded people that thrive when they have the freedom to adjust their schedule and location to fit their lives, and it’s these people that push the company forward faster.”

– Bradley Jon DeLoatche, Co-Founder



We will not have any current external openings while we work through the stages of our integration project with Advisor Websites.

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Lifestyle + Productivity + Purpose = Snappy Kraken

The Snappy Kraken team is entirely remote, and we love it that way! We believe that individuals who have the flexibility to choose their own work environment find more job satisfaction and achieve better results. Furthermore, having a remote culture enables us to recruit top talent wherever it may be found.


Get Work Done.

To succeed at remote work, you must be disciplined enough to complete your work correctly and on time. Evaluation of your performance is based on what you accomplish and how well you accomplish it. This means that everyone has an individual responsibility to proactively seek clarity on expectations, tasks, timelines and desired outcomes, and to alert the team of obstacles. You are trusted to manage your work how you prefer – just get it done.

Be Accessible.

While one of the advantages of remote work is flexibility, this can also present a challenge for those who do not manage their time well. It is vital to remember that everything we do is connected to our fellow team members in some way. Even though we’re remote, we still need to collaborate regularly. Each team member carries the responsibility to keep others informed about their availability (and lack thereof) and stay connected during work hours.

Communicate Consistently.

When virtual teams have regular and meaningful communication, progress follows. Ask questions. Share experiences. Express goals. Articulate struggles. Keep the team informed about delays, shifts in priorities and roadblocks. Ask for help. Say good morning. Say goodnight. No person should feel like an island. We may be separated geographically, but we are still together.

Respect the Workflow.

Most would agree that every business needs well-documented workflows and processes to succeed. For remote companies, this is even more essential than it is for brick and mortar companies. Never hesitate to suggest improvements to current workflows and processes, but always follow current procedures in detail until empowered to do otherwise.

Embrace the Culture.

We love what we do! We enjoy genuine camaraderie that is based on mutual respect and transparency. We know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and we truly believe in our culture. We work together, laugh together, cry together, and celebrate together. Love us or leave us.

Perks & Benefits

  • Work Wherever You Want!
  • PTO
  • Paid Holidays
  • Coworking Space Stipend
  • Medical and Supplemental Insurance
  • 401k with Company Match
  • Continuing Education Allowance
  • More!