Snappy Kraken is built by a team of self-driven, independent thinkers who are amazing collaborators. It’s these types of entrepreneurial-minded people that thrive when they have the freedom to adjust their schedule and location to fit their lives, and it’s these people that push the company forward faster.” – Bradley Jon DeLoatche, Co-Founder

At Snappy Kraken, diversity powers meaningful connections, impactful work, and great outcomes. Our culture of diversity and inclusion means we nurture an environment where each team member can do their best work.

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Culture + Productivity = Snappy Kraken

Productivity is not simply working harder. It's about a continuous process of improvement where work is done more efficiently and effectively. At Snappy Kraken, we understand that a positive culture is essential for our team to be fully engaged in this process. An environment of collaboration, support, and respect ensures that our team is engaged and thrives.

The Snappy Kraken team is entirely remote, and we love it that way! We believe that individuals who have the flexibility to choose their own work environment find more job satisfaction and achieve better results. Furthermore, having a remote culture enables us to recruit top talent wherever it may be found.

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Our core values

1. Chase The Vision
2. Forge Meaningful Connections
3. Improve Continuously
4. Solve Real Problems
5. Welcome Challenges
6. Embrace Change
7. Own Outcomes


Perks & Benefits

  • Work Remotely
  • Personal Days for when you need a break
    (on top of your regular vacation)
  • Development Fund to help you grow
  • Medical Insurance Options
  • Parental/Maternity Leave
  • More

What Our Employees Are Saying

"Each person is cared for. Their goals and thoughts are valued, and they're encouraged to be the best at what they do (through 1:1 manager meetings, education budgets, fair pay, time off, and people who actually care about you outside of what you give the company). I can lead my team better and empower them to bring their best self to work. This creates an environment of incredibly hard-working and intelligent people. They work hard because they believe in what we do AND know they are cared for." - Emily, Client Growth Manager

"Career development is important to me and it's been amazing to have the opportunity to do that at this company! Being a part of this community feels like I'm able to make a difference and really own my role. The culture and people I get to work with on a daily basis are second to none!" - Nitesh, Director of Growth

"The people at this company are my favorite part of working here - they make it so easy to come to work every day! The people I work with are committed to creating a fun and positive culture and are very understanding and supportive of individual needs." - Christel, Customer Success