NEW: Relationship AND Insight-First Marketing Platform


Introducing the Marketing Hub. A brand new tool from Snappy Kraken that automatically surfaces your biggest opportunities and makes it one-click simple to deploy the right message, to the right person, at the right time.


Say goodbye to missed opportunities and stagnant growth.

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Automatically reveal your best growth opportunities

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Integrate your marketing channels into ONE unified system

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Drive a stronger ROI with data-driven recommendations

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On average, firms that use Snappy Kraken grow 7x faster than industry average.


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Decision fatigue:
Scroll through random content options in a content library to try and decide what to deploy.
Manual management:
Build your own tools for tracking marketing like Excel spreadsheets, or fight with outdated, legacy tech.
Leaky bucket:
Invest in lead generation. Call or email prospects a few times to try and “close” them. Lose the majority.


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Clear actions:
Specific recommendations for what to deploy based on contact activity and lead scoring.
Automated management:
Access a clickable, interactive calendar which shows all your marketing activity and allows instant editing.
Integrated system:
A complete system of follow-up that’s proven to close a higher percentage of opportunities from your lead gen.
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After years of trying different marketing platforms and technology, I finally found Snappy Kraken to be truly valuable. It’s easy to use and allows me to send out solid, visually compelling content on a regular schedule – something I struggled with before. It’s already landed me a few new clients! 
- Greg Brown
CFP®, President, Certified Financial Planner, Pathway Financial
Now Available!


See activity and opportunities clearly.


See current engagement and recommended actions based on individual campaign performance and contact activity.


Manage your marketing with a clickable, interactive calendar.


Track your marketing activities across channels. Get a clear view of what’s been published and scheduled. Hover and see titles and descriptions of your campaigns. 

Need to make an edit? Click directly from your calendar.

Get recommendations on where to focus.


At-a-glance, make easier decisions on which leads to get in touch with based on their lead scores. Includes one-click ability to send a text or email to them directly.


Get your marketing channels–including your website–to perform. Together.


The “Insights” section shows you how fast you’re growing, engaging, and nurturing across email, text messages, social media, and website. No guesswork. Just know.



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Enhance Client Engagement

  • Send timely and personalized content to help build stronger client relationships.
  • You get to choose “when” a contact gets added to a campaign rather than “bulk” subscribing.
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Data-Driven Insights

  • Get highly visual lead scores for your contacts so you know who to prioritize.
  • Recommendations and prompts show up in your feed so you know what you can do or launch next.
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Add Efficiency & Scale to Your Marketing

  • Automated, omni-channel marketing helps drive more engagement than legacy solutions.
  • Integrated marketing content across channels like website, email, social, and texting help scale marketing activities.
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Nurture Prospects Automatically

  • Don’t let your leads list grow cold after one or two manual calls or emails.
  • Easily schedule ongoing nurturing sequences to warm up your leads. 
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A Flexible Marketing Calendar

  • You can look at your calendar, see what’s in the weeks or months ahead and fill it with relevant content.
  • Need to change something at the last minute? From the calendar, click on a specific campaign and adjust dates or contact lists.
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Make Your Website a Conversion Tool

  • Easily add opt-in forms and offers that add leads directly to your marketing automation.
  • See your omni-channel marketing performance (including your website) from one spot.
Jay Reeves - Circile Testimonial
If time is money, then Snappy Kraken saves both. In less than an hour, I can schedule two months of email campaigns, and get an 83% increase in client/prospect interaction.
- Jay Reeves
Clarity Financial Wealth Management