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Un-Canned Marketing For Financial Advisers Who Demand To Stand Out

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Bold, Compliant, Automated Marketing Campaigns With 100% Regional Exclusivity

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“The Most Innovative Marketing Platform For Advisers”

Why did Investment News refer to us that way? Here are a few of the reasons.

Get Noticed

With your exclusive territory, you’re guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind in your market.

Reach Your Goals

Lead Generation, Client Engagement, Workflow Automation, Referral Generation and more. Campaigns designed with your goals in mind.

Operate Faster

Every aspect of your campaign, from sending emails, posting on social, and collecting contact information syncs seamlessly.

Lead The Pack

Our campaigns are relevant, effective, and in line with what modern prospects expect, using up-to-date marketing best practices.

Inspire Your Audience

Our team of hand-selected graphic designers and content creators create unique designs that make your marketing campaigns stand out, get noticed, and most importantly, inspire engagement.

Launch In Minutes

With the click of a button, your campaigns can be edited, launched, or customized in just minutes.

*Territories are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they’re claimed, we’ll begin a waitlist for each territory and alert the next adviser in line if the territory becomes available.

Marketing Problems? Solved.

We’ve overcome three giant hurdles that financial advisers face with marketing and automation.

Say hello to the Snappy way!

It doesn’t work

Using “spray and pray” marketing with “canned” content doesn’t deliver results.

Measurable results

Goal-focused and fully coordinated campaigns deliver results you can monitor and track.

It’s a time-suck

Advisors don’t have the time to write, design, get FINRA approval, and manage their marketing.

Fast and easy

Our simple user interface and visual campaign builder makes launching campaigns a breeze.

It’s expensive

Hiring an outside agency to do it all for you is a huge and unsustainable investment.


Ultra-high quality and 100% FINRA reviewed content with a no-brainer investment.

Visually stunning and timely campaigns using the latest marketing strategies means you’ll finally experience measurable results.

*Territories are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they’re claimed, we’ll begin a waitlist for each territory and alert the next adviser in line if the territory becomes available.

Turn-Key Automation for Your 5 Most Critical Business Growth Objectives


Generate Leads

Our turn-key campaigns will automatically push content to email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even online ads. Our lead generation campaigns have a hyper-targeted goal of attracting fresh leads. The marketing practices we use make it easy for prospects to get in touch. Imagine running lead generation campaigns 24/7 with just a few clicks.

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Nurture Prospects

Never let a valuable new client opportunity slip between the cracks again! Our automated prospect nurturing campaigns will keep in touch, motivate, and engage all the existing and brand new prospects that will be added to your pipeline. These campaigns create high-touch and unforgettable communications that make you look like a hero, and you don’t have to do a thing except reply to inquiries.

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Engage Clients

Our client engagement campaigns help you build unshakable relationships by wowing your clients with relevant content, information, and meaningful touch points. Even though they’re automated and run 24/7, your clients will always think it’s you (or your team) personally reaching out. Our members rave about how powerful these campaigns are at strengthening client relationships that often lead to passive referrals.

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Generate Referrals

Imagine having a virtual business development person generating referrals for you 24/7 – that’s the power of our campaigns. Many advisers struggle to ask for referrals, don’t feel comfortable, or simply don’t do it enough. Our campaigns overcome all of that for you and blend the most effective referral techniques we’ve developed and tested over the years. Are you ready to start getting more word-of-mouth business on autopilot?

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Automate Workflows

As you generate more business, you’ll naturally get overwhelmed with client onboarding, but don’t worry – we’ve got that covered! Our operational workflows help you ensure that fulfillment never falls between the cracks. Your clients will feel well cared for right out of the gate without you having to worry about or track anything. These campaigns will help you build rock-solid relationships from the get go!

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*Territories are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they’re claimed, we’ll begin a waitlist for each territory and alert the next adviser in line if the territory becomes available.


Tim Franklin
Senior Wealth Advisor, CFP®, CKA®, CWS®, AIF®
Franklin Wealth Advisors

“We started with Snappy Kraken back December of 2018 and have seen a significant pickup in client referrals since then! And the topper is that they help us with every step.”

Manager, Founding Member
Vertex Capital Advisors

“Snappy Kraken’s consistent drip of awesome content makes me look top notch with my followers! Recently their Retirement Success campaign led me to a $1.5 MILLION client!”

Hannah Buschbom, CFP® and CDFA®
Partner & Wealth Advisor
AmeriFlex® Financial Services

“I’ve only been using Snappy Kraken for 3 months and I’ve already converted two of my prospects into clients by using their system, and I’m getting great feedback on the content!”

Richard J. Archer
Archer Investment Management

“We have been getting consistent calls since we started using Snappy Kraken. Just last week, I converted a prospect to a client and got 5 other calls from prospects on just one campaign!”

Randy Dippell
Financial Advisor, CRPS®
NestEgg Advisory

“I love Snappy Kraken! I’m getting better engagement with prospects & clients, and clients really like the visual insights newsletters!”

Eduard Hamamjian, AAMS©
Managing Director
Geasphere Advisors

“What I love most is that Snappy Kraken runs on autopilot. I speak to you, we launch campaigns, and I get nothing but positive feedback.”

Sonny Blanchard, CFP®, CPA/PFS
Blanchard Wealth Partners

“The platform has saved me a lot of time. It’s so beneficial because I’m not looking at it every day and I don’t need to.”

Leah Humphries
CMO and Co-Host of The Roland Financial Radio Show
Roland Financial

“The 90-Day New Client Campaign saves us a ton of time! And just the fact that we have a personal liaison that walks us through your software every month is worth the price of admission!”

Dean L. Spada
Founder & Managing Director
Kingston Wealth Management

“Snappy Kraken has provided the opportunity to significantly boost our online presence and engage clients — all without taking hours of time each week. The cross-platform marketing they develop is current to trends and the interests of my clients. I’m very pleased with the service provided by Snappy Kraken and have recommended them to my colleagues across the Country.”

Alison McLaren
Marketing Manager
Oxford Financial Partners

“Snappy Kraken has made it easy for us to stay in front of our clients and prospects — It’s all done for us. They have created tons of high quality content and continue to develop new material each month. The platform is easy to use and we’ve received excellent support from day one.”

Craig Iskowitz
Chief Executive Officer
The Ezra Group

“All advisors should check out how Snappy Kraken makes marketing more effective.”

Aaron Klein
Chief Executive Officer

“Snappy Kraken is elite at equipping advisors with campaigns to drive traffic online.”

“Snappy Kraken notched very good satisfaction scores, which bodes well for their future.”

2019 T3 Advisor Software Survey

“The most innovative marketing platform for advisers.”

Investment News

WINNER — XYPN FinTech Competition

XY Planning Network

WINNER — ScratchWorks FinTech Accelerator


WINNER — 2018 & 2019 Wealth Management Industry Awards (Social Media Leadership)

Wealth Management

Jeffrey S. Tilson, CRPC, AAMS, AWMA
Fiduciary | Investment Advisor
JST Investment Consulting, RIA

“Snappy Kraken has helped streamline my education and communication with my clients and prospects. SK has high quality, relevant, and timely content that would take me a ton of time and money to try and replicate on my own. I have worked with other communication platforms and nothing comes close to the power of SK. Most importantly, I have seen substantially more positive interaction with my clients and prospects as a direct result of my use of SK.”

David Ortiz
Managing Partner
Financial Chef, LLC

“10 people reached out to me and three asked for an appointment. I met today with Scott who I met years ago networking in Miami. He has a net worth of $40MM with $10MM in equities. He has always done his own investments but told me that he was compelled to call me. Not sure what it will lead to, but I would not have had the opportunity without Snappy Kraken.”

Victor Gaxiola
Co-Founder and Head of Marketing
TechGirl Financial

“We run Snappy campaigns every month and love the ability to customize the content with email marketing and social posts. The FINRA letter also makes it a breeze to get it through our compliance review.”

Winner – 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Awards Program (Best Overall Content Marketing Company)

MarTech Breakthrough

*Territories are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they’re claimed, we’ll begin a waitlist for each territory and alert the next adviser in line if the territory becomes available.



Pairing 100% territory exclusivity with our ultra-high production quality content positions our members as industry-leading experts to their prospects and clients. Snappy Kraken’s robust campaigns integrate all the major online channels including landing pages, email, social media, and advertising, giving each member a cohesive and highly recognizable presence that’s “larger than life.”


Trusting the power of and precision of automated campaigns and workflows frees up valuable time for our members to stay focused on what they do best: serving clients. As a result, our members report better-than-ever client relationships, increased retention, and even more word-of-mouth referrals.


Snappy Kraken has removed all of the timely tasks and management responsibilities from day-to-day tasks thanks to our robust automation capabilities. All the various tasks required to launch a campaign, like posting to social media and sending emails, are done automatically in complete unison with just the click of a button.


With turn-key advertising solutions (optional), we’ll be expanding your reach, growing your social media following, and driving traffic from social networks. Our advertising plans are affordable for nearly every budget.


We are driven to produce results! With the click of a button you’ll have instant, on-demand access to easy-to-read analytics so you can see how each and every campaign is performing. How’s that for transparency and simplicity?




Check to see if your territory is still available.



Simply add your contact info, logo, and disclosures, etc… A Success Specialist will reach out to verify your account setup, and will guide you in kicking off your automated marketing system.



Every month you’ll be launching fresh, timely, and goal-focused campaigns like magic. A Success Specialist will provide guidance on your “launch” to make sure everything aligns with your growth objectives. All campaign metrics will be tracked so you can sit back and witness your “autopilot” growth.

Ready To Dominate Your Territory With 100% Exclusivity?

*Territories are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they’re claimed, we’ll begin a waitlist for each territory and alert the next adviser in line if the territory becomes available.