Imagine better prospects
and delighted clients

Original Content + Easy Automation + Proven System

“I can honestly say Snappy Kraken is the easiest and most impactful
system I’ve used in my over 25 years in the industry.” — Mark Silverman, CFP ®

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A Complete Digital Marketing Strategy Ready To Deploy

Proven strategy, modern tactics, and flawless execution – all done for you

Never wonder what to send because you’ll have the perfect balance of evergreen and timely content at your fingertips

Promote your business consistently on every channel — Email, Social Media, Online advertising/retargeting and more

Never let a lead go cold. Once they’re in your funnel, the nurturing will never end. When they’re ready, you’ll be top of mind!

Make sure your clients always feel special with automated messages that feel authentic and personal.

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Michael H. Baker

CIMA ®, CFP ®, RICP ®, RMA ℠
Manager, Founding Member Vertex Capital Advisors

“Snappy Kraken’s consistent drip of awesome content makes me look top notch with my followers! Recently their Retirement Success campaign led me to a $1.5 MILLION client!”

Victor Gaxiola

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing TechGirl Financial

“We run Snappy campaigns every month and love the ability to customize the content with email marketing and social posts. The FINRA letter also makes it a breeze to get it through our compliance review.”

Amazingly crafted content that actually works

Streamlined and automated marketing journeys for prospects and clients at every stage

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Nina O’Neal

Investment Advisor, Partner Archer Investment Management

“We increased social media & client communications by 300% using Snappy Kraken!”

Put an end to tedious marketing tasks and take back your time

Accomplish hundreds of hours worth of work in just a few minutes

  • Receive timely, ready-to-use content every week
  • Compliant and FINRA reviewed in advance
  • Add your personal touch (if desired) and deploy in minutes
  • Tens of thousands of $$$ in content monthly for less than $8 a day
  • Professional marketing guidance from a team of true experts
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Michael Lecours

Ohanesian/Lecours, Inc.

“With Snappy Kraken, you hit one button and it works.”

Never Blend In With Your Competition

With your exclusive advertising territory, you’re guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind in your market

The last thing you want is to run the same ads, to the same people, at the same time as your competitors. We make sure that doesn’t happen!

  • Stand out from your competitors with your own advertising territory limited by zip code.
  • Retarget every visitor to your website or landing pages so you’re never forgotten.
  • Get your message in front of new prospects thousands of times each month!
  • Use advanced targeting to pinpoint ideal prospects with a specific, compelling message.

Your organic reach is never restricted! You’ll always be able to send emails to your lists and post social content for your followers without limitations!

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David Ortiz

Managing Partner
Financial Chef, LLC

“10 people reached out to me and three asked for an appointment. I met today with Scott who I met years ago networking in Miami. He has a net worth of $40MM with $10MM in equities. He has always done his own investments but told me that he was compelled to call me. Not sure what it will lead to, but I would not have had the opportunity without Snappy Kraken.”

U.S. Based, Full-Stack Support, Every Step Of The Way

Implementing new technology can feel overwhelming at times. We take the pain away.

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Jeremy Dreesen

Financial Services Professional American Heritage Financial, LLC

“The support is amazing! I am thoroughly pleased, they go way above and beyond even my wildest expectations.”

Snappy Kraken is not Right For you if…

You need a quick fix.

We don’t promise hype like ”instant hot leads” or “10x your biz tomorrow”. Sustainable results take time.

You can’t invest one hour per month into your marketing.

We’ll save you hundreds of hours, but you still have to invest in the process.

You want 100% creative control.

Our campaigns are methodically engineered and multi-split-tested to ensure maximum results.

You want to customize everything.

We give you the right amount of personalization, but we limit certain modifications so performance doesn’t suffer.

Snappy Kraken is Right For you if…

You demand quality.

You’re tired of canned, bland, and random marketing content that doesn’t work.

You know the value of your time.

You’re a great financial adviser, but marketing takes too much time or frustrates you.

You care about meaningful connection.

You know you can’t serve everyone, but you’re committed to lasting relationships with ideal clients.

You see the big picture.

You understand that marketing isn’t just about lead gen; it’s about awareness, nurturing, and ongoing engagement.

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You could spend countless hours running your own marketing experiments… or you can use a system that’s proven to work

60,000+ Campaigns launched

500,000+ Social posts published

10,000,000+ Emails sent

$500,000+ worth in ready-to-use campaigns

31% Average email open rate (55% above average)

13% Average landing page lead conversion rate (410% above average)

6.8 Average leads generated per campaign (launch unlimited campaigns)

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Grow Your Business


12 Months

Use Snappy Kraken for 12 months and watch your business grow. If you are unsatisfied with your results after following our program for a year, tell us what you think Snappy Kraken was worth and we’ll write you a check for the difference.*

*Applies to membership fees only. Setup fees and optional add-ons like video production, online advertising and extra territories are not included.