Behind the Campaign: Visual Insights Newsletters

15 Dec, 2020 BY Tyler

You know those bland newsletters that you keep forgetting to unsubscribe from?

Everyone else gets those too, including your prospects and clients. There’s a lot of noise when it comes to newsletters.

That’s why we set out to make a newsletter like no other.

With eye-catching graphics, information backed by hours of research, and professional copywriting, our Visual Insights Newsletters are anything but average.

However, getting attention isn’t the be-all and end-all…it’s simply a means toward meaningful connections that drive business.

One of our snappy members, Cleve, said it best:

“Snappy Kraken not only provides great content that is customizable, there is a plan to guide readers to an opportunity to take action to get the help they need.” (To read more, click here)

The first three episodes of Behind the Campaign focused on a couple of our Lead Generation campaigns – “Retirement Income Teeter-Totter” and “Retiring in Uncertain Times” – and the work that goes into our High-Engagement Emails.

This episode pulls the curtain back on everything that goes into our longstanding and most versatile campaign type: the Visual Insights Newsletter.

Watch the video below.


The Guests:

  • Francesca McLin, CPO at Snappy Kraken
  • Patrice Kelly, CCO at Snappy Kraken
  • Angel Gonzalez, CMO at Snappy Kraken

The Takeaways:

  • Creativity is a competitive advantage
  • The “magic” behind free value and how it drives connection
  • Design is born from a place of purpose and intention
  • How one powerful perspective can take any hard topic and turn it into content that can change lives
  • The process for grounding far-out ideas and presenting them in a way that works!
  • How to get noticed with imagery while delivering on value
  • Why data is just as important as creativity
  • Important questions to ask to better align and support your business goal
  • When to crank the dial of creativity in order to STRENGTHEN the message
  • How we took inspiration from 80’s video games to subvert common expectations
  • The important tip of knowing that “where” content is consumed determines how it’s presented
  • How the Visual Insights Newsletter is just one piece to being an advanced marketer
  • How to take boring, forgettable concepts and make them surprising and delightful
  • Why all marketing campaigns shouldn’t be met with a “one design-fits-all” approach
  • Creativity isn’t a skill limited to designers

Want to see more insights and trends?

We pulled data from the actual performance of 38,607 active digital marketing campaigns run by individual financial advisers and firms throughout the United States during 2020. Watch the full presentation and download your free 35-page PDF report here.

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