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Describe any message or images you want to create and it’s generated instantly. In less than 10 minutes, deploy branded, custom emails that convert, without any copywriting, design or marketing skills.

Make them think you hired a pro; it will be our little secret.

Double Your Writing Speed & Generate Unique Content In Seconds With Our AI-Powered Email Builder

Create stunning and effective emails with our drag and drop builder

Craft professional emails from scratch that fit your brand with our Drag and Drop Email Builder. No HTML code or design skills needed.

The result? Professional and visually-engaging emails tailored to your audience.

Increase open rates and generate compelling headlines

Writing persuasive, personalized headlines, subject lines, or email headings has never been easier. 

Click Smart Headings to get instant suggestions on your topic, in the tone of voice that matches your brand. Transform your titles from monotone to megaphone, and drive more clicks and engagement on your content.

Expand, summarize, and rewrite text with a single click

Tired of staring at a blank screen? Say hello to stress-free content creation. 

Smart Text is your guide, helping you expand, summarize, simplify, or rewrite any piece of writing. It's like having a well-caffeinated professional writer at your side.

Generate unique images from simple text descriptions

Need an image but lack the design skills? Enter Magic Image. 

Type in a description of what you want, and our AI Helper will generate quality, eye-catching images that fit your brand and complement your text.

Boost conversions with stronger calls-to-action, instantly

Higher converting CTAs deliver a powerful performance boost to any email campaign.

Use Smart Buttons to jazz up your call-to-actions, making them irresistible.

Writing emails? Creating content?
Here’s your easy button.



Cut Content Creation Time In Half

The AI-Powered Email Builder helps you execute on ideas instantly, giving you a lot more content in a lot less time.


One-Of-A-Kind Custom Images

Personalize your emails by asking Magic Image to turn any idea you have into a unique image your audience has never seen before.


Captivate Reader’s Attention Instantly

Use Smart Headings to create punchy and appealing headlines that keep clients and prospects hooked and eager to read more.


The Perfect Writing Partner

Ask Smart Text to expand, summarize, or edit your text, any way you want. It never gets tired or runs out of ideas.


Clicks, Clicks & More Clicks

Set your content up for conversions with a strong call-to-action. Just add your topic and Smart Buttons will write the copy for you.


Never Overthink Another Email

Stop second-guessing every word choice and punctuation. AI-Powered Email Builder makes content creation a breeze, freeing you from the stress of writing the perfect email.


Watch FinTech Influencers Race The Clock To Write And Design An Email In Under 10 Minutes!

The stakes are high to write and design an email in under 10 minutes using our AI-Powered Email Builder. Will they complete the challenge? Or run out of time? Watch now to find out.

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Jay Reeves - Circile Testimonial

As soon as I found out about the AI-Powered Email Builder, I had to try it! I was under a deadline to send out useful content and a promotion via email. I asked the AI helper to craft a message about the 'benefit of using structured notes in a portfolio to stave off stock market volatility'. In an instant, I had what I needed, and was able to send out a well-crafted email to my list. I'll be using this tool often and can't wait to see where it goes from here.

- Jay Reeves
Clarity Financial Wealth Management


Reach out to Snappy Kraken about our AI-Powered Email Builder today. It's time to say goodbye to writer's block and hello to ready-to-deploy emails in minutes!