Aug 18, 2021 By Tyler

Campaign Releases, Lead Generation

[NEW] Lead Gen Campaign | HNW Investors “Perfect Cocktail”

Who doesn’t like to attract high-net-worth clients into their business?

We’re excited to help you do just that with our new lead generation campaign you can put to use right now!

This compelling campaign dangles a high-value offer that investors with a portfolio between $500k to $2M will find hard to resist.

It’s designed to make you stand out and attract the attention of new prospects.

And it will help you nurture existing prospects.

It presents a lead magnet outlining the “perfect cocktail” strategy used by wealthy investors that will drive new prospects onto your list, encouraging them to ask you questions about the strategy and book an appointment.

The lead magnet covers:

  • The 4 missing “ingredients” already available to prospects right now
  • Your prospects specific tax “elixir” opportunities
  • Critical strategies that could propel your prospect to the next level

More about this campaign:

Title: HNW Investors “Perfect Cocktail”

Type: Lead Generation Campaign

Description: Drive prospective clients to a lead magnet that outlines the “perfect cocktail” strategy that’s used by wealthy investors.

Target Audience: High Net Worth Investors.

Primary Outcome/Action: Encourage HNW investors to reach out and book an appointment with you.

Running Time: 4 weeks.


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