Behind the Campaign: High-Engagement Emails

18 Nov, 2020 BY Tyler


We love building automated, multi-channel marketing campaigns for Financial Advisers…especially campaigns that publish content for several weeks or months automatically. It saves our members a lot of time!

In fact, that’s what our company was built on.

But 4-week campaigns and evergreen content aren’t marketing silver bullets.

Part of being a great marketer, and a great adviser, is being able to show prospects and clients how current events impact them personally and financially.

And that’s why our timely emails have some of the highest open-rates for our members.

Being able to put a prospect’s mind at ease about a recent market swing, or help a client keep their head when Congress passes another sweeping tax reform, can be the turning point from prospect to client, or client to raving fan.


We recognize that client meetings and planning, prospecting, monitoring changes in legislation, and condensing info into easy-to-understand communication can put a bit of stress on your ability to send out timely email updates.

That’s why we have a team of professional writers and marketers do it for you.

But how do we decide on a topic, and what kind of research goes into the emails, and where does it fit into a larger marketing plan?

The first two episodes of Behind the Campaign focused on our “Retirement Income Teeter-Totter” and “Retiring in Uncertain Times” campaigns.

This episode pulls the curtain back on everything that goes into our timely emails, and how they can work for you in creating meaningful connections that drive business.

Watch the video below.


The Guests:

  • Francesca McLin, CPO at Snappy Kraken
  • Angel Gonzalez, CMO at Snappy Kraken

The Takeaways:

  • This approach to email KILLS engagement. Avoid it.
  • There’s one anecdote for a client’s fears and anxieties. All advisers can use it.
  • All elements of marketing should add to the message. Not distract from it.
  • A defining principle that separates powerful messaging from mediocre outreach.
  • Consistency is more important than trying to “Catch lightning in a bottle.”
  • Subjects lines are just as important as the email itself.
  • Behind the “right place, right time” messaging.
  • This powerful trait is crucial to establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships.
  • How one email got the best response during a global meltdown.
  • 2 important styles of communication and how you can’t have one without the other.
  • Concentrating on hitting home runs with your marketing will get you nowhere. Here’s how you can maintain momentum.
  • In your marketing, you want a greatest hits album rather than a one-hit wonder. Be consistent.
  • Shutting off the communication water hose too early can disrespect your clients.
  • Differentiating between curiosity-inducing subject lines and cheap click-baity subject lines.
  • How to deliver on the promise delivered in the subject line of an email.
  • Why this marketing technique can disrespect your clients and how to stay away from it.
  • What really matters when it comes to your marketing…spoiler alert it’s not click-through or open rates.
  • Make your audience feel special with just a subject line.
  • How to wipe away the sting of an unsubscribe and why ultimately it’s better for your business.
  • Why cleaning up your email list actually matters for future deliverability.
  • The real reason why coordinated marketing works.

Want to see more insights and trends?

We pulled data from the actual performance of 38,607 active digital marketing campaigns run by individual financial advisers and firms throughout the United States during 2020. Watch the full presentation and download your free 35-page PDF report here.

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