How Do Financial Advisors Target Clients?

12 May, 2023 BY Snappy Kraken

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Financial advisors target new clients based on a problem the client needs to solve.

That’s because the financial advisor has a solution to offer.

This is usually a strategy to grow wealth or better manage personal finances–or both.

You might think financial advisors only target top earners.

Some do, but there are financial advisors for every type of person. 

So how do you decide what type of clients you want to target?

Maybe there’s one part of the job you really enjoy.

Do you nerd out about retirement planning, budgeting, or minimizing tax liability?

Or, perhaps you have a unique skill or talent for an area.

Do you know a certain industry inside and out?

Is there a population like retirees or parents you are passionate to help?

On the flip side, maybe there are certain services you want to avoid providing or cannot offer.

There are many ways for you to identify a niche.

This makes your financial advisor marketing more targeted and effective at winning clients. 

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Let’s review general target markets for financial advisors.

Plus, we’ll reveal how to get ready-made FINRA-reviewed messages for each one.

Prospective Types of Clients For Financial Advisors

Financial advisors will encounter potential clients in all stages of financial literacy.

These directly connect to the stages of the marketing funnel. 

  • Awareness: These are prospective clients who are just beginning to explore financial planning.
  • Interest: These are prospective clients with some level of interest in financial topics, but may not yet understand their needs.
  • Desire: These are prospects who are convinced and want to hire you as their advisor, and start using your services.
  • Action: These are current clients who not only retain you but send you referrals and advocate for you to others.

How can you move a client that is just becoming aware of their needs down this funnel to action?

The answer is through different content types which target these different stages. 


Financial Advisor Market Segmentation By Content Type

Here are some of the different content types advisors use to target clients in different stages of their customer journey.

  • Awareness: In this stage, social media and digital ads are great ways to catch the audience’s initial attention. A few sentences that capture the prospect’s imagination do the trick. Basically, you want something that makes them say, “That sounds like me,” because then they will want to know more.

  • Interest: In this stage, you are sustaining and nurturing the lead’s interest in your services over time. Videos that relate to current events or seasonal topics, like taxes, can refresh your authority in the prospect’s mind. Email marketing with awesome subject lines and fantastic design can also keep building their interest and confidence in your services.

  • Desire: In this stage, the prospect will consume some kind of information that flips the switch and turns them from a spectator of your content into an engaged customer. This could be some of the content from earlier stages, but might also be something like an e-book or webinar. These longer, more in-depth pieces give you a chance to fully represent the spectrum of support and what makes you unique.

  • Action: In this stage, social media comes back full circle through client reviews as the customer takes action and is glad they did! But given the nature of a financial advisor’s work, it’s also important to continually capture and reinforce the interest of your existing customers as well. This is an ongoing relationship, meaning that their decision must be constantly affirmed by your continued marketing efforts. 

Snappy Kraken’s educational nurturing sequences help you build credibility with each market segment across multiple channels.

This brings us to our next topic…


How Do Financial Advisors Communicate With Clients?

Financial advisors communicate with their clients in every way!

Phone, email, social media, and of course, during in-person and/or virtual meetings.

Many advisors still prefer talking, whether face-to-face or not, over any other kind of client communication.

Is that a problem?

Not exactly, but it can limit the growth of your business. 

As we explained above, the early stages of the digital marketing funnel do not present tons of opportunities to meet in person.

It’s important to make the most of social media, email, and your website as tools to communicate with current and potential customers. 

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Plus, many financial advisors might only reach out to their clients once a quarter for one in-person meeting.

But in between those four conversations a year, are you building trust with your client?

Making them happy you are on their side?

Inspiring them to send you referrals?

This is why more frequent client communication through digital channels can be worth the effort.

And before you get worried about how much more work this could become, let us tell you more about Snappy Kraken. 


How Can I Promote My Finance Business With Snappy Kraken?

Snappy Kraken is an entire platform specifically created to help financial advisors with marketing, including email, social media, personalized websites, text messaging, videos, digital search ads, web pages, and more.

Our team spends upwards of 70 hours crafting campaigns.

We deliver compelling content and modern and appealing graphics.

Our team makes sure to leave opportunities for you to personalize the content and introduce your values.

We get it all reviewed by FINRA.

In short, all you have to do is log in and choose the content that is right for your target audience. 

Retirement planning?

Small business taxes?

Social Security changes?

Trends in real estate?

We add new content regularly to help you comment on timely topics and current events your audiences want to know about. 

Financial advisors use lots of tools and strategies to target their clients, but the smartest ones just cut the knot through the middle and sign up for Snappy Kraken.

Skip the market research, strategic anxiety, and long hours of content creation.

Use our proven content to get your clients and prospects excited and interested in finance and close more deals.

Not convinced it’s possible?

Read the success stories of financial advisor marketing here.

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