Claim your territory. Lock out your competition.

Each month you’ll launch at least 2 fresh campaigns that would normally cost over $23,000 in research, writing, design, testing, and compliance review. Our campaigns are built from the bottom up to expand your prospecting lists, generate appointment leads, and extract additional value from your client relationships. With our detailed tracking system, you’ll even be able to calculate the exact ROI of every marketing dollar you invest!

By claiming a territory, you’re getting exclusive use of every personalized campaign at 99% OFF and preventing your competitors from using the same marketing campaigns. No fine print. No gotchas. Our content is exclusive to your territory for as long as you’re a user.

  • Exclusive rights to use Snappy Kraken targeted marketing campaigns in your area
  • Campaigns Include:
    • Lead Generation Campaigns
      (boosted with optional advertising)
    • Referral Generation Campaigns
    • Business Automation Systems
    • Visual Insights Infographic Newsletters
    • New Campaigns Added Monthly
  • Up to 10,000 email sends per month
  • Unlimited Form Submissions
  • One-On-One Kick-Off Call
  • Monthly Success Consultation
  • Client & Prospect List Upload Support
    (We’ll upload your contact lists, and create specific audiences for each message e.g. clients, prospects, special interest)
  • We’ll launch new campaigns on your behalf every month
$549   $169


$1,250   $300


(Price valid through March 31st, 2019)

Please note that we only serve one adviser or firm per territory. We will verify your request and confirm territory availability within one business day. If your territory is not available, we will immediately issue you a full refund.