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Asking for Client Referrals in the Age of Zoom: A Simple Script for Advisers

10 Apr, 2020 BY angel

Within the past month, you’ve likely had MANY more video chats with clients or prospects than you’ve been used to.

Our CEO, Robert Sofia, was part of a virtual roundtable discussion recently. A question came up related to having the referral conversation via video chat.

It’s not a context most people are used to.

Without the warmth and comfort of an in-person meeting in an office, you might be wondering how you can initiate the conversation.

Watch the video below to hear about a simple, genuine approach you can start using today.

We’ve also pasted the transcript so you can swipe it and tweak it to make it your own.

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Adviser Referral Conversation Script (Version A)

Now that we’ve done this work together–How are you feeling about the decisions we’ve made together?

[When they say something like “I feel good. Thank you.” That’s a perfect time to say the following.]

You know what…I’m really glad.

This is what I love doing: Helping people like this.

Right now, there are a lot of advisers out there that are not doing this for their clients.

I keep some spots open in my calendar to help the friends and family members of my closest clients.

I want you to know something. If you know anybody who could use help like this, I will make time to help them even though I’m very busy right now. I will make time for them.

Adviser Referral Conversation Script (Version B)

I’m glad you feel comfortable with the plan we’ve put in place for you!

But you know, we see a lot of people who’s advisers just aren’t doing this type of work for them.

That’s why, with everything going on in the markets right now, we’re leaving a few slots open in our calendar every week just do do free risk assessments with people our clients refer to us —-friends, family members, neighbors.

Really anyone who would like to make sure they’re not taking too much risk right now and could lose a lot of their wealth.


Can you think of anyone who could benefit from that service?

When you talk to clients this way, you’ve asked for a referral in a way that is completely unselfish. In fact, you didn’t even ask for it. You offered help and that particular discussion is something that can replace the need for a traditional office.

The fine woods and leather couches and awards on your walls are nowhere near as powerful as the endorsement from a trusted friend.

When you get on your Zoom meeting (or any other video chat) and you have that conversation, now you’re doing it from a place of trust and confidence.  This is absolutely the time to have conversations like this with every client before you get off your video meeting.

You can watch the full video by clicking here Remote Work Principles and Tactics from Top WealthTech CEOs.

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