Adviser Dialogue: Powerful Scripts That Connect and Convert

28 Jul, 2021 BY Kyle

Conversations matter. 

A lot!

Conversations have a major impact on our lives.

In fact, they can go south in a heartbeat (just listen to this podcast on conversational styles.)

As advisers, there are countless conversations happening every day that can affect your client’s lives and your business.

With the need for consistent outreach being at an all-time high, it’s important you’re communicating properly.

No matter the situation.

These 5 articles will help you effectively connect and convert with your clients and prospects.



1. How to Revive Prospects with the Simplest Email Ever

You worked hard to get that lead.

Just because they’re not biting right now doesn’t mean they won’t.

These short, but simple email templates will stoke the fire with some of your colder prospects.

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2. HELP! A Simple Framework to Get Better Email Engagement

This 4-step framework will help you connect deeper with your clients and prospects…all through email.

No more staring at your screen watching the cursor blinking for hours.

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3. Asking for Client Referrals in the Age of Zoom: A Simple Script for Advisers

Whether you’re having face-to-face meetings again or you’re staying remote.

You’re in the business to better people’s lives.

This article will encourage you to have the right conversations no matter the setting.

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4. How Should You Approach Negative Responses to Your Marketing?

Negativity is everywhere and that’s okay.

It’s how you react that determines if you can grow from it.

This article will help you reframe negative responses to build trust.

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5. Is this Email Too Long? (A Quick Marketing Lesson on Readers and Persuasion)

Everyone has different reading styles.

Not one tactic works across the board.

It’s important to understand the types of readers and what kind of content they need.

This article will help you align your content so you don’t lose more readers than you should. 

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