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5 Strategies to Understand and Connect with your Target Audience Better.

01 Jul, 2022 BY Nicolle


What if I told you that telepathy is no longer just for magicians and psychics but for financial advisers like you.

Would you believe me?

I'm here to tell you that "mind-reading" is a teachable skill.

No, we can't literally read minds, but what we can do is read people to understand their emotions, desires, and needs.

It boils down to one thing, empathy.

You are making yourself vulnerable, putting yourself in their shoes, and asking the right questions.

That empathy leads to deeper connection advisers crave because your audience feels like you understand them.

As if you're reading their mind.

Your clients and prospects are desperately looking for someone who understands them.

A good communication strategy depends heavily on how well you can connect with them. 

Here are 5 Strategies to Understand and Connect with your Target Audience Better.

1. Wants vs Needs

Adam Bensman is one of the top copywriters & consultants in the country with experience in marketing for financial advisers.

  • List their needs and wants (their immediate desires)
  • Address core wants as a hook with a great offer and then approach the needs
  • Go through your emails, text, and other communication channels and ask yourself: “What do they ask first?”
  • Avoid the mistake of predicting what they need because it’s not what they want.

Check out Adam’s full episode here.

2. Label Positive & Negative Emotions

Brandon Voss is the President of The Black Swan Group, a strategic business advisory firm that focuses on business negotiation.

  • Labeling is verbalizing and stating your audience’s emotions to align yourself better with them.
  • It’s ok to label positive and negative emotions.
  • Correctly verbalizing your audience’s emotions ensures active listening and creates trust.

Check out Brandon’s full episode here.

3. Triggers & Impact

Steve Sims is the visionary founder of the world’s first luxury concierge service. 


  • It’s not about you. 
  • In order to create an impact on your audience you have to know what’s going to trigger them.
  • Sending a questionnaire is a great way to understand their elements of pain and deliver solutions.


Check out Steve’s full episode here.

4. Boost Creativity Through Storytelling


Ekaterina Walter is a business and marketing innovator, international speaker, and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Think Like Zuck and coauthor of The Power of Visual Storytelling.

  • You don’t have to be a creative person to create content.
  • Focus on storytelling.
  • Getting a new perspective on your product will help you create better stories.

Check out Ekaterina’s full episode here.

5. Create Content that Blends Out


Steal My Strategy host Robert Sofia joined Dr. Daniel Crosby on his Standard Deviations Podcast, a weekly show that looks at money, mind, and meaning through a psychological lens. 

  • Focus on the quality of your content.
  • To tap into your audience’s emotions, think of their memories, their childhood, and their core beliefs, and create content around that.

Check out the full episode here

Why does understanding your target audience matter?

Advisers are hungry to connect deeper with their clients and prospects.

Use these 5 strategies to narrow down what makes your audience tick.

Not only will it build your credibility, but it will grow your practice and position you above everyone else.

Want to steal more valuable strategies like these?

Head over to our “Steal My Strategy Podcast.





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