Dec 1, 2021 By Nicolle

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[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Omicron

Use this simple email to offer clients and prospects your perspective on the omicron variant and what factors could impact stocks next.

Unsurprisingly, markets reacted badly to fears of another wave last Friday and gave us our worst market day for the year.

We’ve seen it before and it’s worth keeping in your clients and prospect’s back pocket: bad news over a holiday often leads to outsized market reactions.

The email talks through:

  • Is Omicron dangerous?
  • What can we do?

The conclusion:

Life is a gift and every day is extraordinary in some way. Let’s cherish that.

Hopefully, we’ll look back in a few months and forget omicron ever hit the headlines.

Until then, we wait, we watch, and we count our blessings.


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Dec 1, 2021 By Nicolle

Campaign Releases, Visual Insights Newsletters

[NEW] Visual Insights Newsletter | Strategic Philanthropy

What inspires us to give to the causes we care about?

What stops us from giving?

The number one reason most affluent folks don’t give to charity is that they can’t nail down what they care most about and they can’t decide where to donate.

In fact, more than half (56%) say they don’t have a budget or strategy for giving. And nearly half say they don’t even really know that much about charitable giving — and they don’t really know what impact their philanthropy is having. 

How do we change that?

What can we do to give in more meaningful ways and truly make a difference?

This VIN will help folks answer these questions by getting them to think more deeply about their values and how their giving can have the most impact.

With 8 thought-provoking questions, this VIN will explore how to give more strategically so folks can maximize the impacts of their gifts.

It will share some of the latest data from the “2021 Study of Philanthropy: Charitable Giving by Affluent Households” and provide a crash course in impact philanthropy, highlighting the remarkable benefits (physiological, psychological, and social) of giving and showing how our giving can create or build on our legacy.

This VIN will also extend the financial professional as a helpful resource who can give the gift of experienced advice and guidance when folks are ready to start giving more and doing more with those gifts.


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Nov 26, 2021 By Nicolle


Commercials, Campaigns and Ads from Blend Out Book

There are a lot of GREAT marketing examples referenced throughout the book “Blend Out: From Ordinary To Irresistible: How Advisors Can Market Like The Greatest Brands In The World.”

In a recent episode of the podcast, (Pop) Culture Club, they did a review of the book.

Halfway through, Tori Levy mentioned:

“What I appreciated most from Robert Sofia is all the examples that he set out to put in the book because I felt like I was going back and forth from Googling stuff to going on Youtube and watching the marketing campaigns that he talked about.” 

That gave us an idea!

We want to help the book really come to life for our readers. And if they’re going to want to check out these commercials, campaigns, ad, and branding examples, then we’re going to make it way easier.  Read more

Nov 24, 2021 By Sydney

Marketing Strategies & Tactics

5 Levels of Prospect Awareness for Advisers

Only 22% of affluent prospects become clients within a week. On the other hand, 38% need a month to decide on purchasing, and another 32% need up to a year or more.

If your marketing goal is to get clients right off the bat, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Your prospects go through different stages of awareness before they decide to work with you as their financial adviser—and not all of them will start at step one. Your marketing goal, therefore, should be to take your prospects on a journey that will help them come to the conclusion that they have a problem and that you are the solution—no matter how long that takes.

To make your marketing more effective, we’re going to introduce the five levels of prospect awareness, what content they want to see from you at each stage, and where you can find them. Read more

Nov 17, 2021 By Nicolle


Steal My Strategy: Emotional Hooks, Compelling Offers and Predictable Growth… OH MY! with Adam Bensman

Everyone wants to be heard.

A sad truth is that not everyone is ready to listen

The true job of a marketer can be summed up in one word…listening.

Listening allows you to fully understand your audience better than anyone else, which then allows you to create compelling new offers and experiences that impact the growth of your business. 

Adam Bensman is one of the country’s top copywriters & marketing consultants with a desire to communicate complex messages and offers in a simple way that connects with people.

His passion for communication and expertise in the roofing industry makes him a sought-after marketing coach across industries. He’s helped a ton of businesses bridge the gap between their true value and ideal audience.

In this episode, we chat about the importance of emotion to hook your ideal audience, the kind of communication style needed to craft a compelling offer, and how to sustain predictable business growth.


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Nov 17, 2021 By Sydney


How To Target High-Net-Worth Individuals

A lot of financial advisers want their marketing to specifically target high-net-worth individuals (HNWI). They think that content like “How to Manage $10 Million Effectively” or “Investment Alternatives For the Daring Millionaire” will help them land more high-net-worth (HNW) clients.

Contrary to common sense, many HNW clients aren’t interested in being pitched this kind of content. More often than not, it’s a turn-off because most HNWIs don’t see themselves as rich, to begin with. Brent Kimball of Kimball Financial, and member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), even said, “My clients don’t view themselves as wealthy, including one client who is in the top 1% income bracket.”

Instead of focusing on your ideal clients’ net worths, create more relevant content through proper segmentation that allows you to address pain points, talk about hobbies, and share interests. As you learn more about your prospects, you’ll find that HNWI have similar interests, needs, and pain points as your other prospects. Read more

Nov 16, 2021 By Nicolle

Campaign Releases, Single-Topic Emails

[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Infrastructure and Inflation

This is not your average marketing email.

Our timely emails help you reassure, educate, and build stronger connections with your clients and prospects during these challenging times.

Use this simple email to offer clients and prospects your perspective on the infrastructure deal, inflation, and offer your best wishes for Thanksgiving.

Some of the content includes:

  • President Biden just signed his bipartisan infrastructure deal
  • Inflation might not be as “transitory” as the Federal Reserve would like it to be
  • Will your taxes go up in 2022?

The email also includes a section for guided customization to make the email personal to you and your audience.


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Nov 15, 2021 By Nicolle

Campaign Releases, Lead Generation

[NEW] Lead Generation Campaign | Hidden Tax Opportunities (That Are Likely to Expire)

Do you want to connect with prospects who want to take advantage of the current tax laws before they expire? This campaign is for you.

The current tax rules could radically change people’s financial picture. 

Some of these rules are set to expire in 2025, but they could change at any time without notice. 

For some people, these existing tax rules could permanently lower the taxes they’ll pay for LIFE.

This lead generation campaign highlights the urgency of leveraging current tax opportunities before they disappear. 

Drive traffic to your offer with prospecting emails, social media posts, and optional Facebook ads. 

Prospects who have immediate needs are encouraged to request an appointment with you, bringing these digital prospects right into your office.

 The campaign runs for 4 weeks and delivers the following:

  • 3 broadcast emails promoting the value of the free guide
  • 12 social media posts that automatically post to your social media accounts over 4 weeks
  • 1 landing page offering the free guide while capturing a prospect’s name & email address
  • 1 opt-in confirmation email
  • 2 opt-in follow-up emails
  • 1 confirmation page where motivated leads can request a free chat with you
  • 1 appointment confirmation page that points leads to your website


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Nov 11, 2021 By Nicolle

Campaign Releases, Single-Topic Emails

[NEW] Email Communication – Fall Seasonal Email Card

In this season of thanksgiving and blessings, use this responsive email card to offer clients and prospects your gratitude and appreciation.

Help spread a little cheer with a simple holiday card email to your clients and prospects.

It’s the perfect way to say thanks for being part of your advising family.



More about this campaign:


Title: Fall Seasonal Email Card

Type: Single-Topic Email

Description: Help spread a little cheer with a simple holiday card email to your clients and prospects.

Target Audience: Clients & Prospects

Primary Outcome/Action: Cap off the year in style and wish folks happy holidays.

Running Time: Single email

To find out more about how Snappy Kraken can fit into your marketing strategy, click here to see a demo.

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