What Are the Best Marketing Tools for Financial Services?

14 Apr, 2023 BY Snappy Kraken

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There's no doubt that financial advisor marketing has changed over the past few decades.

There’s technology to manage, regulations to follow, and a growing pool of competition—it can all be a bit of a headache.

The role of marketing in financial services may even start to feel bigger than you want it to be.

You probably didn’t get into finance because you loved advertising, and yet you might find it’s taking up a lot of your time. 

Thankfully, the right tools can make financial services marketing much easier.

But before choosing any marketing tools, you first need to understand your market and your audience.

How so?

By studying marketing trends.

Trends can show you what’s working, what’s not, and inspire innovation in your own efforts.

What Are Some Current Trends in Financial Services Marketing?

Financial advisors should always be watching financial services marketing trends.

These provide some of the best insights for choosing the right marketing communications to share with your clients and prospects.

The last thing you want is to base your advertising on old news.

Need a few examples?

Check out these trends our Snappy Kraken team has been watching:

  • Digital marketing is unavoidable. Financial services are a few years behind many other industries when it comes to digital marketing, but that is changing fast. Digital marketing is a necessary component for growth in today’s age of technology. The must-haves of digital marketing include a well-designed website, regular social media posts, lead-generation campaigns, and email marketing.
  • Virtual communication will continue to be useful. All businesses had to find and advertise virtual solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we've returned back to more in-person meetings, don’t be so quick to abandon these virtual options. They continue to reduce operating expenses, increase communication consistency, and offer many other advantages. For example, you can host informational webinars via Zoom, or simply offer remote alternatives for when clients can’t make in-person meetings.

  • Personalization is key. Have you ever received a marketing email about something you didn’t care about? Us too. It’s annoying! But sending personalized content to every customer and prospect is time-consuming. Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be. Marketing automation has come a long way with personalized campaigns. For example, our onboarding and engagement campaigns at Snappy Kraken will help you automatically send messages that feel authentic and personal. This keeps clients happy and often leads to referrals.

  • Clients are self-educating now more than ever. When was the last time you made a big purchase without doing your own research first? The internet is now a massive database of knowledge, and we run to it when we need answers. And when it comes to finances, people are delving even deeper into their research because their financial security is at stake. With so much on the line, potential clients want to be certain they are making the right decision. If your content answers these questions people are asking, you become an expert in their eyes. Next time they have questions, they will come to you for answers and solutions.

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To wow and secure your prospects and clients, your marketing needs to be relevant and helpful.

This should all stem from researching trends.

Research what your clients want to know and how they want to learn—and then you’re ready to find marketing tools that work for your unique needs.

What Are 5 Marketing Tools for Financial Advisors?

The tools you use can make or break your marketing campaigns.

Looking for a good jumping-off point?

Check out this list of marketing tools:

  1. Social Media Platforms - On average, people spend 147 minutes a day on social media. That’s 147 minutes of opportunity for you to reach your audience. A great place to start is creating Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Then, make sure you’re using these tools to their fullest potential by putting out new content on a regular basis—otherwise, you won’t show up on people’s social media feeds.

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  2. Email - Email marketing will always have a place at the table, even in the age of Tik Tok and viral videos. In 2020, there were around four billion email users, and that number is only expected to grow. Why not take advantage of such a large demographic? Plus, many marketing email tools—like Snappy Kraken—make it easy to automate and personalize your email campaigns.

  3. Personalized Websites - Your website should be your home base. It’s where you can store all your resources, describe your services, accept payments, answer questions, communicate with clients, and more! And if done right, your website will serve to establish your credibility and build trust with visitors. You can create your own website using builders like Wix or Weebly, or you can hire a professional website design service.

  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Did you know that around 90% of web content gets zero traffic from Google? Improving your SEO game can move your website up search engine results pages (SERPs). If your website keeps showing up on page one of Google when prospects are doing their research, there’s a good chance they’ll take a look at what you have to say on the matter. Some excellent SEO and web traffic tools include Google Search Console, DemandJump, and Ahrefs.

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  5. Artificial Intelligence and Automation - Wouldn’t it be nice to have robots at your disposal to do all those tasks you don’t have time for? Lucky for you, you can! Artificial intelligence and automation are transformative tools for financial services. They allow you to track campaign performance, monitor trends, and carry out boring tasks with little to no effort on your part. HubSpot and Salesforce are great AI/automation tools for general marketing—but if you want marketing automation for financial services specifically, look no further than Snappy Kraken.

This list is only a small part of a well-rounded financial advisor tool belt.

We get it—it’s a lot.

And it’s frustrating to focus on marketing when your true passion is helping people with their finances.

Instead of trying to do it all, why not let a marketing expert like Snappy Kraken help you out?

How Can I Promote My Finance Company With Snappy Kraken?

Snappy Kraken is the marketing tool you’ve been looking for.

We combine content, technology, and education to help financial advisors expand their market share and deliver higher-quality experiences for their existing clients. 

How do we do all this?

With our “Cold to Gold” framework.

This is a complete marketing strategy that helps you get noticed, build credibility, win clients, and deepen relationships. 

When your marketing isn’t working or it’s becoming too burdensome, let us help!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, check out the success stories of our many happy clients.

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