What Are Proven Marketing Tactics For Financial Services?

24 Feb, 2023 BY Nicolle

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For each problem, there is a solution, and this sentiment applies to every aspect of financial advisor marketing.

Some common problems advisors run into when it comes to marketingthemselves and their servicesis that it's time-consuming, expensive, and doesn't always get results.

This is what makes the role of marketing financial services a vital one for all advisors.

Just take a look at some of the work we have done.

Our team at Snappy Kraken understands these needs and has put together this guide on some of the proven marketing efforts so you won't waste your time or money.

Marketing Strategies For Financial Services

The financial services industry can become overly complicated when it comes to advisors marketing what they do.

The good news is that several tried and true tactics have proven effective in this space.


Create and Promote a Website

85% of Americans are performing some online activities daily, these include email, social media, and video consumption through platforms like YouTube.

If you are not taking advantage of your digital presence, you could be missing out on reaching a major portion of your potential customers.

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The easiest way to market yourself online is to establish a consistent presence on all relevant social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

People like to do their own research, and your online content is the first thing they will discover about your work.

Blogs like the one you're reading now can also allow you to reach a wider audience by speaking on topics your target market is interested in.

A website or blog is a perfect place to showcase your:

  • Success stories with current or previous clients

  • Provided services and extra levels of support you can provide

  • Insight into you as a person so people can connect on a better level with the person who will be handling their money

Don't be afraid to throw some personal "spice" into your marketing efforts.

People need to relate personally to someone that they will need to trust with important financial decisions.

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Social Media

Along with a killer website, social media is a fantastic way to reach out to your target market.

LinkedIn is one of the premier social media sites you can use to leverage connections and start gathering new customers.

Your LinkedIn page and presence can funnel people to your website, where they can get a better idea of the services you provide.

It would also be wise to create Twitter and Facebook accounts as they are two of the most popular social media platforms in use today.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried and tested method of marketing for financial advisors.

It is a cheap marketing method with a high return on investment.

One reason it's so effective is because you can customize emails and still use a service like Snappy Kraken to mass send them out to customers and leads.

For example, inside the emails to customers, you can include deals or discounts on premium services.

However, it should be noted that these messages need to be FINRA-compliant. 



As we mentioned earlier, financial advisors often make significant sacrifices of their time when it comes to marketing, and that time can be better spent.

Investing in a marketing automation service like Snappy Kraken takes the headache out of marketing by performing tasks such as sending out automated messages to current and potential customers that still feel personal.


Proven Strategy or Plan

Yes, we know this sounds easier said than done.

Everyone wants a proven strategy that will work in the long term, but how can you generate one?

Luckily, Snappy Kraken is here to save the day again.

Our Cold to Gold framework works to solve the biggest challenge for marketers and financial advisors.

You can create lots of noise and exposure, but without a predictable way to move them from that cold relationship (new lead) into a warm gold relationship (recurring customer) then all of that marketing effort was wasted. 

Of all the various types of marketing plans available to those in the finance sector, one of the most critical elements to keep in mind is that you need to stand out in both your target market and niche.

The last thing you want is to release the same content, to the same people, at the same time as your competitors, and Snappy Kraken can make sure that never happens.

Importance of Marketing in Financial Services

As a financial advisor, marketing is your best bet to get the word out about what you do so that you can generate leads, nurture prospects, and win new clients.

Without marketing, potential clients will never know about you or your services.

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Here are a few benefits of digital marketing. 

  • Increase your exposure to existing and new markets.

  • Build stronger connections with your current customer base.

  • Promote secondary services that customers may not be aware you provide.

Some financial services marketing trends can come and go, but tactics like the ones listed above (and other services provided by Snappy Kraken) can keep your efforts fresh and relevant.

Snappy Kraken: Better Prospects & Delighted Clients

Our team at Snappy Kraken has been successfully transforming the marketing efforts of individuals and companies in the financial sector for years.

Our full-service strategy ensures that you will have every tool necessary to dominate the digital space.

We won't leave you hanging out to dry either.

At every stage of the process, our team will be there to answer questions and guide you in the correct direction.

When you partner with Snappy Kraken, you will no longer have to wonder what to send out with our evergreen content.

The days of leads going cold can finally be a thing of the past. 

Wondering if Snappy Kraken is right for you?

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