[NEW] Lead Generation Campaign | Sudden Wealth (Windfalls & Inheritances)

19 Oct, 2021 BY Nicolle

Do you want to connect with prospects who have received a windfall or inheritance? This campaign is for you.

Receiving a large sum of money all at once (like an inheritance, lottery winnings, lawsuit, insurance payout, etc.) opens up a significant opportunity to change the course of someone’s financial life. 

But for many people, it opens up financial risks that can make their dreams go up in a puff of smoke. 

Cut through the noise and attract fresh prospects with a campaign that offers a free guide titled: 

Coming Into Money? 2 Crippling Risks and 3 Things You MUST Know

The campaign publishes content over 4 weeks and includes:

  • 3 broadcast emails promoting the value of the free guide
  • 12 social media posts that automatically post to your social media accounts over 4 weeks
  • 1 landing page offering the free guide while capturing a prospect’s name & email address
  • 1 opt-in confirmation email
  • 2 opt-in follow-up emails
  • 1 confirmation page where motivated leads can request a free chat with you
  • 1 appointment confirmation page that points leads to your website
  • Website Widget


More about this campaign:

Title: Sudden Wealth (Windfalls & Inheritances)

Type: Lead Generation Campaign

Description: Attract fresh prospects by offering a compelling guide through a campaign that includes a lead-capture landing page, prospecting emails, social media posts, and optional Facebook ads.

Target Audience: High Net Worth Investors, Prospects.

Primary Outcome/Action: Encourage  prospects to reach out and book an appointment with you.

Running Time: 4 weeks.


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