*BONUS* How Financial Advisors Can Build a Powerful Brand with Brittney Castro

11 Nov, 2022 BY Kyle Cyr
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Branding is powerful.

It influences behavior, builds credibility, gives you or your business a unique identity that aligns with your audience's values, and ultimately grows a community of loyal, raving fans.

In this bonus episode of the Steal My Strategy Podcast, we've uncovered a discussion host Robert Sofia had with Brittney Castro during a recorded webinar.

Brittney is a Certified Financial Planner, speaker, host, and brand ambassador. 

She's worked alongside top brands like Chase, Mint, ETrade, CNBC, Gemini, AirBnB, Zoom, and more.

Together they peel back the curtain on the importance of branding, Brittney’s secrets for maintaining a unique identity, and where financial advisors can start to cement their brand into the minds of their audience.

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We explore:

  • The 2 things you can do RIGHT NOW to build a powerful brand
  • Why consistency matters most to building a ubiquitous brand
  • How to “never drop the ball” with your marketing
  • The surprisingly simple ways to increase the production value of your videos
  • Why “niching yourself” makes you stand out from everyone else
  • The “not-so-serious” approach to social media marketing that drives more engagement


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