[Podcast] Steal My Strategy: Taking Creative Marketing Risks with Andrew Davis and Patrice Kelly

21 Feb, 2023 BY Kyle Cyr
Episode 18 - Blog Header


For the first time, we have a multi-guest appearance to deliver an organic, insight-driven discussion.

Today's episode shakes up the format a bit, but I promise it'll be full of big ideas and even BIGGER takeaways you can use in your business.

First, there's Patrice Kelly, Chief Creative Officer at Snappy Kraken.

She's been the strategic driving force behind Snappy Kraken's branding and an award-winning designer behind their marketing campaigns.

Also, welcome back, Andrew Davis. 

He's a best-selling author & keynote speaker who's built and sold a digital marketing agency, produced for NBC, and has even worked for The Muppets. 

Andrew and Patrice will share the spotlight in a conversation about the importance of design and creativity to get the RIGHT attention, how being true to yourself leads to greater success, and why design should be a part of your story from day one.



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We Explore:

  • Why it’s better to start with “One Big Idea” than to start small and build on it.
  • How to celebrate being different without feeling uncomfortable in your industry.
  • What “Where’s Waldo” teaches financial advisors about how to stand out and get noticed.
  • Understanding the subconscious behavior of “Twinning” and how you can avoid it.
  • And the one strategy Patrice & Andrew want you to steal that will help you overcome taking risks.

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