May 4, 2021 By Tyler

Campaign Releases, Single-Topic Emails

[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Economy & Taxes

Is the economy rebounding like Shaq in the late 90’s?

Not quite.

But it’s undoubtedly on the upswing, which is good news for both you and your contacts.

What may not strike your High Net Worth contacts as good news, however, is the tax bump they could be facing from the American Families Plan.

This timely email covers both of those topics to help you stay front-of-mind with folks, and keep them calm in the face of a changing economic landscape.

More about this campaign:

Title: Economy & Taxes

Type: Single-Topic Email

Description: Share encouraging economic news with clients and prospects, while helping them keep perspective on proposed tax legislation.

Target Audience: Clients & Prospects

Primary Outcome/Action: Start a conversation about what the next few months might hold for them financially.

Running Time: Single email


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