[NEW] Prospect Engagement Campaign | Medicare Annual Enrollment 2021

15 Oct, 2021 BY Nicolle

Engage prospects who are interested in Medicare Planning! This time-sensitive special edition is updated with timely hooks around Annual Enrollment to boost conversation.

Highlight the benefits of Medicare planning with this email-based campaign that educates, informs, and engages prospects on your list about the importance of analyzing their Medicare plan.

When you’ve got fresh leads from our Annual Enrollment Medicare Lead Generation Campaign, this is a perfect follow-up.

Drive prospects to a personalizable landing page that promotes a free appointment to review their Medicare strategies.

This campaign includes:

  • 5 emails promoting the value of your Medicare advice
  • 1 appointment page where motivated leads can request a free chat with you
  • 1 appointment confirmation page that points leads to your website
  • 1 appointment confirmation email that confirms the request was received

More about this campaign:

Title: Medicare Annual Enrollment 2021

Type: Prospect Engagement Campaign

Description: Engage prospects who are interested in Medicare Planning

Target Audience: Cold Prospects

Primary Outcome/Action: Booking an appointment.

Running Time: 5 weeks.


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