[NEW] Prospect Engagement Campaign | Personal 401(k) Planning

26 Jul, 2021 BY Tyler

401(k)s are the cornerstone of retirement savings.

And email is the cornerstone of great marketing.

So we married the two in our latest Prospect Engagement Campaign.

This campaign is targeted at high-earning prospects looking for retirement advice.

A series of emails will get them thinking about their 401(k) with questions like:

  • When should you retire vs. when can you retire?
  • Which investments are optimal at every stage from now until retirement?
  • Which blended tax strategy is right for you?

Driving them to set up a retirement planning session with you.

More about this campaign:

Title: Personal 401(k) Planning

Type: Prospect Engagement Campaign

Description: Educate, inform and engage high-income employees on your list via thought-provoking emails, and encourage them to reach out to you for personal 401(k) planning.

Target Audience: High-Earners

Primary Outcome/Action: Booking an appointment.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Asking a question, replying to an email, calling the office.

Running Time: 28 days.


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