[NEW] Prospect Engagement Campaign | Dynamic Lead Follow-Up

23 Jun, 2021 BY Tyler


We probably sound like a broken record, but email is king when it comes to marketing.

Which is why it’s the cornerstone of our Prospect Engagement Campaigns.

Previously they’ve focused on Estate Planning and Asset-Map.

But this one casts a broader net.

It’s designed to drive brand new leads, no matter where they came from, to book an appointment with you.

8 emails go out to prospects over the course of 29 days, each designed to highlight a pain point and create an emotional reaction that lands them on your calendar.

More about this campaign:


Title: Dynamic Lead Follow-Up

Type: Prospect Engagement Campaign

Description: This campaign creates a marketing environment in which prospects see the value in having an adviser by touching on pain points they experience in their financial lives.

Target Audience: New leads from all walks of life.

Primary Outcome/Action: Booking an appointment.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Asking a question, replying to an email, calling the office.

Running Time: 29 days.


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