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10 May, 2021 BY Tyler

This email-based campaign is an enhancement to our Asset-Map Lead Generation campaign.

It’s designed to be sent to prospects who have opted into the Asset-Map Lead Generation campaign or who you’ve previously emailed about Asset-Map.

The purpose of the campaign is simple: to generate an appointment. A series of emails drives home the benefit of setting up an appointment with you to create an Asset-Map or discuss one that’s already created.

This campaign is part of an exclusive collaboration with Asset-Map, a subscription service that lets you give clients a simple, one-page snapshot of their finances.

Learn more about Asset-Map here.

More about this campaign:

Title: Asset-Map

Type: Prospect Engagement Campaign

Description: This campaign is designed to promote the value of a 1-page Financial “GPS” and drive traffic, first to a lead magnet and then to the Asset-Map tool, by highlighting how it can help people prepare for their next big financial decision.

Target Audience: Prospects who have opted into the Asset-Map Lead Generation campaign, but have not yet converted to an appointment.

Primary Outcome/Action: Request an appointment.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Asking a question, replying to an email, calling the office.

Running Time: 6 weeks.

Educate, inform, and engage your prospects by highlighting how Asset-Map can help them turn overwhelm into confidence. With just a short list of questions, you can use Asset-Map to give your prospects a clear picture of what they have, what they owe, and what their next steps could be.

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