Marketing Automation and Prospecting During Volatile Times

08 Apr, 2020 BY angel

There’s no need for a preamble here. It’s rough for everyone at the moment.

As marketers, we get asked this question a lot:

Is it ethical for financial professionals to market and grow business right now?

☝️This is one of the first things financial adviser Taylor Schulte jumps into when he had our CEO on his podcast, Experiments in Advisor Marketing.

He and Robert Sofia talk about prospecting in volatile markets, the best and worst fits for Snappy Kraken, and tips for creating successful email marketing campaigns.

Listen to the episode below 👇 on Apple Podcasts, or anywhere you get your podcasts.

In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • You can grow business right now, without being slimy or exploitative
  • The main question anyone with assets is asking themselves right now
  • Why you should approach your marketing from a generous perspective
  • Proactive marketing versus educating and building trust with people
  • The two-part strategy to marketing during volatility
  • The importance of open loop messaging or precise vagueness
  • How to market without making people feel like you’re being gimmicky
  • The mindset behind how to avoid being disingenuous (you can’t be afraid to say this)
  • Marketing NOW while avoiding being a tone deaf jerk
  • The best and worst fits for Snappy Kraken
  • In the spectrum of marketing technology, where Snappy Kraken fits
  • Canned and bland auto posting versus multi-step, automated marketing
  • The big misconception with marketing automation
  • The difference between lead gen and marketing automation
  • How marketing automation helps the 3 L’s: list-building, list-nurturing, and list-converting
  • 3 components of getting marketing automation to be successful
  • How marketing doesn’t work without exposure
  • The potential goldmine you’ve been building for years!
  • Not all social media followers are created equal
  • The numbers: the average versus the top 25% of Snappy Kraken members
  • Getting early wins
  • What building a house and setting up marketing automation have in common
  • Thinking creatively and tying your marketing together
  • How to turn an article into a lead gen source
  • Why you should avoid standalone acts of marketing

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