How Do I Promote Myself as a Financial Advisor?

26 Jun, 2023 BY Snappy Kraken

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There's a massive untapped market just waiting for you to capture their attention.

Only 35% of Americans are currently working with a financial advisor, which is why you need to have a proven financial advisor marketing strategy to stand out (or blend out) from the thousands of other finance professionals gunning for the same market.

Having the right strategy can help grow your business exponentially.

The wrong strategy (or no strategy at all) will only lead to wasted marketing budgets and time, with no results to show for it.

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Let’s talk about the best ways for financial advisors to grow their prospect list and win new clients.

How to Sell Yourself as a Financial Advisor

Of course, you can build your client base by focusing on a specific market and trusting your clients to advocate for you, but how do you market yourself as a financial advisor?

It comes down to being personable and meeting the needs of your ideal client base.

Marketing is essential because it provides you with the opportunity to grow your firm, while staying connected with existing clients.

It's how you can continue to expand even when referrals wane in a dry market.

A few things you can do to market yourself include:

  1. Hosting an event to connect with your current and potential clients by getting to know them on a personal level. Your network will grow exponentially if you encourage your clients to each invite one person.

  2. Create valuable content that stands out to your ideal clients. Write a blog, newsletter, social post, etc. to showcase your expertise. Being the authority on a subject will help you gain traffic to your website and even new leads! 

  3. Create a consistent marketing strategy to reach your target audience. Consistency is key to building relationships and trust with your market. When a potential client looks at your social media and sees you haven’t been consistent with your posts, they might not find you as a trustworthy source.

By putting yourself out there, you’re more likely to reach clients that see you as a trustworthy source based on referrals and information they find online.

How Financial Advisors Grow Their Client Base

Developing a client base can be difficult as a financial advisor because it takes a significant amount of trust for someone to let you handle their financial situation.

Cold calling and direct marketing are most likely the first steps many advisors take.

However, it can be challenging to develop working relationships based on these tactics alone.

More focused approaches will increase your client base.

In general, when asking how to grow your client base as a financial advisor, you should consider these three steps:


1. Find a Niche


One of the first steps to growing your client base is choosing a specific niche to focus on.

This is important because it will help you stand out from other advisors who only offer general services.

Think about it: investors want to work with advisors who are focused on them and their specific problems.

Being too general in your marketing is a surefire way to appeal to no one.

Advisors who focus on one (or more) specific niches will get the most out of their marketing time and dollars by attracting only their ideal clients.

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On top of that, focusing on a particular field helps you face less competition, have more client loyalty, and (possibly) justify higher costs.

Some questions you should consider when determining a niche market:

  • Who is your target client and what are their needs? What financial goals or challenges are they facing? Do they have specific values or interests? What type of education and career are they in?

  • What distinct knowledge or skills do you have that another financial advisor cannot provide?

  • What services will you provide to serve your target client successfully? What are the problems you love to solve? 


2. Automate Digital Marketing


Digital marketing for financial advisors starts with consistency.

Prospects will place more trust in your business if your website, social media accounts, and other aspects of your digital presence are kept up-to-date and consistent.

The challenge is: keeping up with all of those marketing tasks on your own is hard.

When you get busy with clients or take a week off, posting on social media or writing email content can fall through the cracks.

This is where a tool like Snappy Kraken can help.

By automating your entire digital presence (in just 1-2 hours per month) and creating financial advisor content, you can focus on what you do best while "all that marketing stuff" happens in the background, automatically. 

And if you want it all done for you, our premium service Freedom360 is only a click away.


3. Client Referrals


Word-of-mouth continues to be one of the most dependable and successful methods of obtaining recommendations in the industry.

Going above and beyond expectations increases the likelihood that your clients will become advocates for your business and give unsolicited introductions to other potential clients.

According to Neilson, 83% of customers trust word-of-mouth, or referrals from friends and family, more than any other promotion, and are four times more likely to buy a product or service referred to them.

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Another staggering statistic is that 65% of new business comes from referrals, according to The New York Times.

By providing excellent service, your clients are more likely to share your information with people they know.

As your client base grows, so do your referrals, leading to more fruitful connections. 

Keep in mind that consistent communication keeps you in clients’ minds and will lead to additional referrals because clients feel really good about the service they are getting.

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