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30 Sep, 2021 BY Sydney

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Every year, we create a Half Time Report to identify which of our campaigns have performed tremendously well. This year, we analyzed almost 10,000 campaigns, around 36,000 social media posts, and over 10.5 million emails that our members from all over the United States sent to their target audiences.

The results are in—and we wanted to highlight 6 unique, high-performing marketing campaigns that our members personalized and then sent to their leads, prospects, and clients that got a ton of clicks, opens, and responses.

The one thing they all have in common is a deep understanding of their audience’s needs and concerns. These six pieces of content will show you how timing, genuine care, and reliability all play a part in getting you results from your marketing efforts.

1. The First Time Marketing Intro Email


We created the

 for our new members to kick off their campaigns. A lot of them come to us with lists that have been ignored for far too long or prospects who aren’t engaged. This email sets the tone moving forward and tells prospects that you’re going to be sending them emails packed with value, insight, and advice.

This is the First Time Marketing Intro email.

Why Did It Work?

Welcome emails get an average open rate of 91.43% and five times the click-through rate (CTR) compared to regular emails. The First Time Marketing Intro was our version of the welcome email, and it worked so well because it:

Marketing campaigns for advisors, Marketing for advisors, marketing strategies for advisors

Readers were intrigued and surprised by the subject line, which made them want to open the email. Not to mention the language, “you’re the first to know,” tells them that they are special and that this email was exclusively for them.

Then, it went on to set clear expectations—they were going to start receiving more communication moving forward through your new email newsletter.

Lastly, it gave unknowing or uninterested email subscribers a way out by saying, “you can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of this email.” Giving people a way out can clean out your list, making sure that people who stay on want to hear from you and will potentially convert. There’s no use keeping people on your list who aren’t interested in what you have to say or will never become clients.

2. The Gratitude and Empathy Email Series

When COVID-19 lockdowns started in March of 2020, we created weekly timely emails for advisers to hold strong communication with their clients and prospects through the pandemic. One email, the Gratitude and Empathy email, was to help our members tell their clients, “Thank you and we understand.” This email sent the message to prospects that their financial advisers cared about them and were going through similar things—they were not alone.

The email got an open rate of 32.81% and had a lot of positive reactions according to our advisors’ feedback (Read Below).

These are some responses that our members got from their prospects and some feedback they sent us.


Why Did It Work?

This email worked because it was timely and relatable, asked a question, and stood out among a sea of fear-inducing messages that came out when the pandemic first started.

The subject line we used was, “This is why I’m an optimist.” It resonated with a lot of prospects because most people were anxious about what the future held. And this ray of light in the form of an email listing the positive aspects of life was very much appreciated.

The email started off with a simple comic of a first-time remote worker and his dog that was highly relatable.


This is the comic we included in our Gratitude and Empathy email.


Right after the comic, in bold text, the email asked readers, “How are you doing? What stories can you share with me about your life right now?” and then instructed them to hit the reply button to respond.

After that simple CTA, the email went on to list all the reasons our members were grateful despite everything that was going on (they customized this part), including a sentence that said, “I’m grateful for you.”

The email was empathetic, kind, and positive. And most of all, it showed prospects that they could count on our members as financial advisers and friends.

3. New Stimulus Deal

The New Stimulus Deal was another timely email that addressed some of the fears that people had around the sudden changes in politics, inflation, and taxes brought about by the worldwide pandemic. With so much confusion around this new stimulus deal, we saw an opportunity for our advisers to help their prospects while also positioning themselves as both helpful and reliable.

This email got an open rate of 28.26%.

Why Did It Work?

From analyzing over 10 million emails, we found that emails about government policy, taxes, or inflation had an average open rate of 26.32% — 3.56% higher than the average open rate for all of our emails sent.

The New Stimulus Deal email performed even better because it was created and sent out during a time when it was hyper-relevant. People wanted to know more about what the new deal was, and with a subject line like, “Stimulus bill (what’s inside),” people were bound to open the email.

4. Lead Generation: Hidden Tax Opportunities (2021 Tax Season Update)

The Hidden Tax Opportunities campaign is the first campaign on this list that isn’t a single email—it’s a collection of social media posts and ads, landing pages, and emails that were distributed to potential leads over four weeks. The goal of this campaign wasn’t to build rapport—it was to generate leads.

This is the Hidden Tax Opportunities social media ad that contains an eye-catching photo and a compelling caption.


It started with a social media post that contained eye-catching images and a compelling caption that “stopped the scroll.” After a social media ad, they got redirected to a simple yet enticing landing page with a single call to action (CTA)—“download now.” The goal of the landing page was to get contact information in exchange for a lead magnet (in this case, “The 6 ‘Hidden’ Tax Opportunities Opened Up By New Tax Rules” ebook).

After they downloaded the ebook, the new lead continued to receive nurturing emails for the next four weeks. This campaign had a CTR of 73.79% and a conversion rate of 8.28%. That means that per 100 people who saw the ad, around six people filled out the lead form.

5. Personal Connection Video: Asset-Map

The Asset-Map Personal Connection video is a downloadable script that our members could use to add a video to their landing page. It was created–in collaboration with Asset-Map–as a companion to the Asset-Map Lead Generation campaign and the Asset-Map Prospect Engagement campaign.

This is the Asset-Map Personal Connection Video script.


After our members create the video, they upload it to a landing page using Snappy Kraken. Our automated system then creates emails and social media posts that direct potential leads to the landing page with our member’s video on it.

This campaign got a 31.53% open rate and a 137.29% CTR (Sometimes these numbers go over 100%). 

Why Did It Work?

We found that emails containing links to personal connections videos had an average click-rate of 46.06%, 6.51% higher than the click-rate of average emails. This email, in particular, worked because it offered value and showed viewers how to take control of their finances in a simple way—through Asset-Map.

Videos are more engaging and easier to understand compared to long blocks of text, which is why 94% of video marketers have reported that videos help their users understand their product better, and 94% of viewers say that they’ve watched a video to understand a product or service better.

Marketing campaigns for advisors, Marketing for advisors, marketing strategies for advisors

6. RIA Testimonial Request Campaign

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently allowed registered investment advisers (RIAs) to ask their clients for testimonials, so we created the Testimonial Request campaign to help our members ask their clients for reviews and stories. Testimonials are a powerful driver of conversions—one study found that as many as 97% of consumers look at reviews before deciding to make a purchase.


This email campaign got an almost 50% open rate, 30.76% click-rate, and 30.31% of clients who clicked through, left their adviser a testimonial.

Why Did It Work?

Almost 40% of clients never write reviews, and yet 75.4% of them are willing to answer surveys and give feedback if asked. The subject line of this email was, “Writing a testimonial?” The email worked because it was intriguing, and clients who you’ve helped are generally willing to share a review or testimonial.

Use the HELP Framework to Increase Your Email Engagement

We believe that the most important goal of your marketing is to build human connections, which is why all of our emails above follow our HELP framework—they are all human, empathetic, local, and positive.

Marketing campaigns for advisors, Marketing for advisors, marketing strategies for advisors

Each email tells your leads and prospects that you understand what they’re going through and that you want to help out. They also establish you, the financial adviser, as the reliable expert that your leads and prospects can reach out to when they need help.

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