May 26, 2021 By Tyler

Campaign Releases

[NEW] RIA Testimonial Request Campaign

Social proof is a powerful thing.

But until recently, the SEC had put the kibosh on RIAs soliciting for and using testimonials.

That all changed around the turn of the new year when the SEC released an update to their advertising rules.

This means you may be able to solicit testimonials (and you likely should be using them in your marketing).

Now, we don’t know your compliance situation, so we can’t weigh in much on how you can collect or use testimonials. If you have any questions, we highly recommend you seek compliance/legal advice.

(Back in January, we moderated a panel with 2 lawyers who shared A LOT about the new rules. You can catch the replay here.)

More about this campaign:

Title: RIA Testimonial Request

Type: Email Marketing

Description: This campaign is designed to help you reach out to your clients and request a testimonial to use in your marketing.

Target Audience: Clients

Primary Outcome/Action: Keep your clients thinking of you in a positive light and take advantage of the new SEC guidelines to bolster your own marketing.

Running Time: 3 weeks


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