Building a Top-Performing Campaign from Scratch

16 Sep, 2020 BY angel


What’s the secret to making high-value, automated marketing campaigns that get results for financial advisers?

Well, there’s no hack or tool or magic to it.

As cliché as it might sound, it comes down to hard, quality work from an experienced team who knows what they’re doing.

Check out the time-lapse video below where we show you each stage of the process for building out an automated marketing campaign.

At Snappy Kraken, we’re open about the marketing strategies we use to help advisers make meaningful connections that drive business.

If you’d like to learn more about our strategies (and how you can use them for yourself), check out the first episode of our “Behind the Campaign” series.

Watch the time-lapse video for one of our top-performing campaigns below



More about this campaign:

Title: Social Security Lead Generation Campaign

Type: Lead Generation

Description: Social Security is overwhelming and confusing.

Nearly all American retirees will collect Social Security benefits, making it a critical planning area for advisers. Also, nearly all HNW retirees will be eligible to take Social Security, and there are many factors to consider.

Laws regarding Social Security changed in 2015/2016, taking away several advanced claiming strategies. Since there is a great deal of confusing and incorrect information out there, getting advice from a professional is more important than ever.

Target Audience: Pre-Retirees and retirees age 60+ to age 70

Primary Outcome/Action: Email opt-in by downloading lead magnet.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Asking a question, requesting an appointment, or reaching out and showing interest.

Lead Magnet Title: The “Social Security Elephant” in the Room: When, Why, and How Should I File for Social Security to Balance my Benefits, Tax Exposure, and Retirement Lifestyle?

Why does this campaign grab attention?

In our first episode of Behind the Campaign, our Chief Product Officer, Francesca McLin pinpointed some of the elements that came together to make the Social Security Lead Gen Campaign a top-performing marketing campaign.

Here’s the clip:


Check out the full episode here.

Want to see more marketing insights and trends?

We pulled data from the actual performance of 38,607 active digital marketing campaigns run by individual financial advisers and firms throughout the United States during 2020. Watch the full presentation and download your free 35-page PDF report here.

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