Confidence to Pursue Your Dreams & Goals With Special Guest: Velera Wilson

26 May, 2021 BY Kyle

Stressing about your own finances is one thing but adding all your clients to the mix, each with their own challenges, worries, and fears, can be demanding.

Especially in times of market volatility and uncertainty.

How you deal with that stress is the difference between complacency and change for the better.

Recently we invited global speaker, author and recognized leader, Velera Wilson to speak to our entire team at Snappy Kraken.

The techniques and coaching shared will help you build and maintain confidence even during the most challenging times

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Watch Above and You’ll Learn

  • The self-limiting belief that can literally and figuratively “short change” you.
  • Why a 3-word question can derail even the elite performers…almost taking them out of the game.  There’s a way to answer it in stride.
  • Learn the word that triggers self-doubt.  Just 2 simple letters, but it’s the difference between fear and confidence.
  • How the “pit of failure” is actually the “wave of opportunity”.
  • The self dialogue that strengthens the connection between your beliefs and your actions.
  • How to take the bumps and bruises of new challenges with confidence.
  • A simple question that keeps you out of the quicksand of self-doubt.

Watch the video and learn how to lead with confidence in your professional and personal lives.

Links to check out:

Velera Wilson’s Website

Velera’s Book, “You’re Absolutely Worth It.

Own Your Yes” – A web series, hosted by Velera, about female executives and entrepreneurs sharing their challenges and lessons learned on the way to success.

Velara’s article, “Words to Eliminate from your Work Email to Convey Confidence.


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