All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go With Special Guest: Dr. Jack Singer

18 Jun, 2020 BY Kyle

We recently interviewed nationally-renowned professional speaker, author and organizational psychologist Dr. Jack Singer on How to Build An Indestructible Mindset 

Dr. Jack had so much great info to share that we invited him back to speak to our entire team at Snappy Kraken. What he shared was too good to keep to ourselves. 

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Watch above and you’ll learn:

  • How to identify and control “Iceberg Core Value Habits.”
    Subconsciously we’ve inherited habits from our parents, school, and peers. Here’s how to identify (and replace) the habits that don’t serve you.
  • A psychological system that stretches back to the Paleolithic era and why it’s still affecting us in the 21st century.
    This system activates during events that our brains perceive as danger.  The problem is it can’t differentiate between hunting saber tooth tigers and worrying about mortgages.
  • Why negative emotions wire your brain 1,000 times faster than positive ones and what you can do to slow it down.
    Scientific research shows we have 60,000 thoughts a day and with 85% of them being negative.  Take control of your thoughts NOW.
  • 2 simple, yet dangerous words that WEAKEN your immune system. Avoid these!
    They aren’t as hard to avoid as you may think. It just takes some practice.
  • How 50 years of research shows the 1 personality trait found in high achievers.
    Recognize and challenge your thoughts to get on that exclusive list.  The results may surprise you.

Watch the video and learn about stress management techniques you can benefit from today.


Links to check out:

Dr. Jack’s Website

Dr. Jack’s book recommendation, “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers” by Robert Sapolsky

Portia Nelson Poem, “Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters.”

Dr. Jack’s book, “The Financial Advisor’s Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide.”


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