Behind the Design: The Cost of Raising Children

04 Jun, 2020 BY angel

Patrice Kelly, Chief Creative Officer at Snappy Kraken, unveils the nostalgia-fueled design and creative process behind Snappy Kraken’s Visual Insights Newsletter: Cost of Raising Children


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The video above is from a behind-the-scenes unveiling for our team. Patrice refers to her department as The Magic Factory. We liked the name so much, we figured it would be appropriate to make an ongoing series out of it which you can watch here.

Here are some lessons we learned:

  • In marketing, you’ve got to educate, entertain, and be relevant.
  • You have to blend out to get attention.
  • Push past the knee-jerk reaction. If it’s your first thought, it’s very likely that it’s the first thought MANY other people would have, so it may not be very original.
  • The 1st thing you probably think about might be the thing people ignore.
  • Go wild and reckless when brainstorming, explore comments and metaphors and take them into interesting places.
  • Ask “how can we morph this concept?”.
  • Ask how can we be approachable, but still hip and fun?
  • At Snappy Kraken, we walk the line between corporate and whimsy.
  • The idea can be “out there” and creative, but it has to tie to the core idea. In this case: “It feels like kids eat money!”
  • Think through functionality and keep asking questions.
  • Does the metaphor fall apart anywhere? Is it confusing?
  • Make it fun, make it great, but make it WORK.
  • If it doesn’t work or prove what you’re trying to say, it doesn’t matter how nice the design looks or how cool it is.
  • We’re not making “art” here, we’re doing business by earning attention. 😀

Our Visual Insights Newsletter series won the 2019 Industry Award for Social Media Leadership.

Find out more about what makes the Visual Insights Newsletter so much more than a newsletter.

Watch the video below.

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