Worry Grows In the Absence of Adviser Communication

26 Nov, 2019 BY Tyler

While you wait and see, clients assume and worry. 

There’s a lot of discussion going on about Schwab buying TD Ameritrade. 

Financial professionals want to know more. 

And, more importantly, they want to know what they should—if anything—say to clients. 

It’s easy to wait and see until you know more. We’re a cautious bunch in this industry, right?

But think about this…the media doesn’t spare your clients. 

Right now, they’re being bombarded by information from everywhere.

We were inspired by something Bill Winterberg said in this twitter thread. 

Left to their own devices, clients often assume the worst in the absence of adviser communication.

He’s right. It’s only human nature. 

Don’t let the absence of communication hurt your relationship with your clients. 

Don’t let that absence add to their worry.

To help you with a prompt for outreach, feel free to copy/paste, repurpose or refer to this letter we wrote up.

You can download it here. (A plain text file version is available here.)

It’s basic. There’s nothing earth shattering about it. 

It doesn’t have to be.

What matters is that you fill the communication void. 

There’s no opt-in. Nothing.

Don’t stand still while your client’s worries run wild.

Reach out.

We don’t want anything standing in the way of better communication and client peace-of-mind.

Word Doc version | Plain Text version

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