4 Ways To Make Your Next Social Media Post Stand Out

07 May, 2020 BY Kyle

You are the conductor.

Your content is your symphony.

And your prospects are the crowd.

You could be playing Beethoven’s Fifth and it wouldn’t matter if no one was there to listen.

But how do you stand out in a world flooded with noise? 

How do you play for a packed house?

By following these 4 steps with your social media presence.

We mined data from 38,607 automated marketing campaigns launched by financial advisers within the last year. 

Those campaigns racked up 32.7 million data points total (check out the report here)

The following tips for social media are all statistically backed by data from that research.

1. Stand Out with Color

Color plays a vital role in getting attention. As people are scrolling through their feeds, make sure you use color to your advantage. 

Don’t fade into the background.

This social post image below is from our How to Survive Bear Markets” 

Take a look at this 👇

Now look at this 👇

Here’s a gut check: which one stands out the most to you?

Campaigns that used brightly colored images performed better than those which used run-of-the-mill colors.  

2. Make It Bold

You want to make a point.  You want the image to be compelling, a little challenging, and fun.  

If it’s not bold…then you may be trying to play it too safe. 

If you’re trying to play it too safe, then you’re looking just like everyone else.

I get it. Standing out can make some advisers feel hesitant for a number of reasons. One of the big reasons is fear of criticism. 

Our pal, Tina Powell, has some helpful advice for dealing with this in the video below.


Video Thumbnail


3. Have a Simple Headline

There’s a saying: “A confused mind says no.” 

Headlines can’t have too many ideas crammed into them.

You’ll get passed over in favor of something simpler and more appealing.

See, there’s a lot competing for our attention–especially on social media. 

And, the average attention span is falling fast. 

Keep your headlines simple–in fact, here’s a fun tool that can help you.

Bonus tip for your headline: try to pique your reader’s interest and curiosity.

A few more tips in this video below:

Video Thumbnail


4. Pay Attention to the Timing

What do I mean by timing?

Timing relates, not only to the actual time content is posted, but to the relevance of it. As in, what else is going on right at this time? Is this timely?

For instance, talking about tax strategies will likely get you more attention during tax season, when this is foremost on people’s minds. 

Think about what people are likely to be thinking about, talking about, or worrying about. All of that plays into the timing of your promotions on social. 

Being timely adds relevance to your communication.  It shows you’re listening. 

To Wrap Things Up…

Let’s face the music.  

Social media has become the go-to platform for news, entertainment, networking, and services.

The noise is getting louder by the day.

If you want your social posts to stand out, make sure you rock these 4 actions:

  1. Stand out with color
  2. Be bold
  3. Keep the headlines simple
  4. Pay attention to the timing/relevance

While it’s great to have engaging social media posts, it’s not the only thing you should be doing to get attention and drive traffic to your website, blog post, or landing page.

We have a lot more to share with you on this point, though. 

Our CEO, Robert Sofia, recently hosted a webinar on Prospecting Strategies for Volatile Markets. Watch the replay here.

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