Success Stories“Snappy Kraken is exactly what was missing from my marketing campaigns”

In this interview, financial adviser Ari B. speaks candidly about why he endorses Snappy Kraken over other marketing automation software.

Who is Ari?

Like most successful financial advisers, Ari saw tremendous value in engaging potential clients through thought-provoking content.

However, he wanted something different and fresh. 

He wanted something that the financial adviser world hadn’t already “watered down” and commoditized, so he turned to Snappy Kraken.

“When I was at Morgan Stanley and UBS…all that you were able to do was just regurgitate articles that were already printed.”

He further explained, “yes, we were meeting our social media obligation, putting content out there, but there was no call to action…nothing original about it.”

Indeed, those who’ve tried to produce authentic, original content on their own know the struggle, but how did Snappy Kraken capture Ari’s attention in the first place?

What attracted Ari to Snappy Kraken?

Clichéd approaches and bland content only go so far.

Ari needed a different way to market and stand apart in a crowded, competitive industry.

“I started this whole campaign of wanting to change up my messaging, you know?” Ari recollected, “I revamped my website to make it more in-line with my theme of being an endurance athlete.”

Ari continued, “I was searching specifically for authentic content I could use versus me having to write up on a consistent basis. I was looking for that, and then you guys filled the void perfectly!”

How did Snappy Kraken help Ari overcome frustration?

Not long ago, the catchphrase “content is king” sufficed to capture the essence of digital marketing. 

You can believe that content is king, but the “belief” isn’t enough to make it “happen”. 

You still need the time and means to put together the content.

Ari admitted, “I was frustrated. I would have to carve out time to dedicate myself to writing content consistently, then have the CRM or the mechanisms to put it out.”

Quality content takes time to create and distribute via marketing channels in a timely, coordinated fashion.

“What I like about what Snappy Kraken has is the drip campaigns and the ability to put out content on a consistent basis.”

Did Ari consider other options before Snappy Kraken?

Due diligence matters to professionals like Ari, so he didn’t pull Snappy Kraken out of a hat; he was laser-focused on a solution that would give him an edge in digital marketing.

Yes, he did try other marketing automation solutions, but something didn’t feel right – something intangible was missing.

As Ari put it, “the heart is what’s missing… there’s no real call to action” with other marketing automation.

“I think that’s probably the secret sauce of what you guys have versus them. There are calls to action to try to get someone to schedule an appointment or schedule a call or send an email.”

What type of financial adviser would benefit most from using Snappy Kraken?

Not every financial adviser has the same needs.

“I think an adviser that actually cares about having an emotional connection with their client would benefit greatly from this marketing automation solution.”

The adviser who benefits most is someone that “actually makes personal connections with their clients and cares about what’s going on in their lives… that’s probably who this would resonate with mostly,” he concluded.

How does Snappy Kraken’s content help?

Building and nurturing relationships is a requirement in the financial advising world. 

To keep the relationship progressing, you have to guide prospects through to the next step in the relationship. And then the next step after that.

You have to ask prospects to take the next action. 

Without a call to action, the content won’t convert prospects.

When it comes to Snappy Kraken’s calls to action, “you’re asking them to do something, versus giving them the information and just hoping that they’ll call,” Ari explained.

“90 percent of what we do is asking,” Ari confessed.

“If you don’t ask, you’re not going to receive, so I think that’s the biggest differentiator between Snappy Kraken and everyone else,” he finished, “that’s the thing that similar solutions don’t do; they don’t ask.”

Much of digital marketing relies on fostering an emotional connection with clients. 

This is at the root of the campaigns we design on an ongoing basis. 

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