The largest and most comprehensive data analysis on advisor marketing…ever 


STATE OF DIGITAL 2024: Benchmark Your Marketing Results Against These 10,000 Advisors

Is your firm leading the curve, or lagging behind?

Find out in this comprehensive analysis of over 250 million data points and 600,000 campaigns from 10,000 financial advisors in the US.

Download your copy now to see how your firm measures up, plus discover the cutting-edge strategies that will shape financial advisor marketing in 2024.

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  • Rising Marketing Channels: Explore an emerging channel with a staggering 41.7% response rate – a game-changer for prospect engagement (page 24)
  • Referral Growth Strategies: Generate more referrals with 5 actionable tips, including a tested client conversation script (pages 26-27)
  • Maximize Email Engagement: Discover the ONE type of email that consistently boosts open rates by 117% and click rates by 120% (page 15)
  • Client-Centric Communication: Discover the specific topics and visuals top advisors use to deepen client relationships and drive engagement (page 19)
  • Strategic Social Media Influence: Dive into the most effective strategies used by top financial advisors, with an analysis of the 6 highest-performing posts and their click rates (page 10)
  • Performance Benchmarks: Compare your tactics against the top 20% performers to focus your growth efforts effectively (page 29)

Plus, dive into 2024 marketing predictions from industry leaders like Michael Kitces, Taylor Schulte, and Kristen Luke.