Avoid the #1 mistake most advisors make during a recession.

We asked 20 of the top advisors and financial marketers how to survive and thrive during a recession. Their answer?

Don't go dark.

Going dark means missing out on opportunities and losing clients. Instead, get consistent with your marketing and show up as a leader.

The key to thriving during a recession is staying visible. The One-Page Recession Marketing Plan will help you do it.

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  • Recession Marketing Playbook: a 45-minute video deep dive into the exact plays Robert Sofia ran as head of marketing for a firm that added more than $300M in assets during the Great Recession from 2007-2009
Heath Harris - Circle Testimonial

"I've worked with a lot of marketing agencies and nothing compares to Snappy Kraken. The content is top notch, people actually want to read it. That makes a big difference, because when I used more generic content in the past, people stopped opening my emails. That doesn't happen with Snappy's content. Plus, it works. I landed 4 clients in my first year using the program, which is a big ROI."

- Heath Harris,
SVP at Oliver Wealth Management