What is the Marketing Hub?

The Marketing Hub is a marketing intelligence tool that takes the guesswork out of your marketing. Familiarize yourself with this unique tool to save time, improve communications and grow your business!

Logging into the Marketing Hub or Snappy Kraken products

When you log in from the Sign-In Page here, your default destination will be the Marketing Hub. As the Marketing Hub is a unified platform, it also allows you access Campaigns, Convos, or Websites directly by clicking the arrow to the right of the "Sign in" button to choose your desired product.

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Once logged in, the left menu of the Marketing Hub or this icon at the top right corner allows you to easily switch between any Snappy Kraken products.

It also integrates content, communication, and contact activity to show you where your top opportunities are and exactly what next steps to take.



The Marketing Hub is organized into three tabs:

1. The Opportunity Feed collects and prioritizes lead activity from different sources, surfacing your top opportunities. It lets you focus your attention on the people you can make the biggest difference with right now by scoring Opportunities from 1-100. Click here to learn more about the Opportunity Feed or click here to learn more about Opportunity Scores.


2. The Marketing Calendar shows you a calendar view of all your Snappy Kraken marketing activity so you know exactly what's being communicated to your contacts and when. Click here to learn more about the Marketing Calendar and how to use it.


3. Marketing Insights Dashboard: Gives you a visual breakdown into growth trends and campaign effectiveness so you can make better decisions based on actual results. Click here to learn more about the Insights Dashboard and how to use it.