[NEW] Timely Email: Bear Market, Now What?

11 Aug, 2022 BY Nicolle


Stocks slid into bear market territory after a bad May inflation report showed that prices rose at the fastest pace since 1981.

And there's a good chance your clients and prospects are freaking out.

This Timely Email is a calm reminder to not to make any irrational, short-term decisions about their investments.

It reassures them that...

  1. Much of the market pullback could be a correction for the pandemic high-flyers
  2. Bear markets don't last forever - on average, about 15 months
  3. Half of the market's best days have occurred during a bear market

And much more.

And if they're still feeling nervous, it encourages them to reach out to you.



Title: Bear Market, Now What?

Type: Single-Topic Email/ Timely Emails

Description: Use this simple email to reassure your clients and prospects during the economic downturn.

Target Audience: Clients & Prospects

Primary Outcome/Action: Address concerns as they arise and show your leads and clients that you’ve got their back and that you’re ready to take them through thick and thin.

Running Time: Single email

Here are some of the results from our Weekly Crisis Emails that advisers used during the peak of COVID.



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