Supercharge Your Executive Presence with Actor & Playwright Carol Lempert

09 Sep, 2021 BY Kyle

William Shakespeare famously wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Whether you look at life as a drama or not, stage presence is key to captivate audiences in all situations.

Carol Lempert, an actor & playwright turned business coach, shares the secrets she learned on Broadway and Hollywood for becoming more charismatic, persuasive, and captivating in any situation…a must for any professional or business leader.

Carol’s tools and expertise have led her to speak for big brands like Google, TD Bank, Pfizer, and more.

In this episode, we chat about how to be camera-ready at any time, exercises to present like a star (live or virtual), and how to craft better business stories that connect. 

We explore: 

  • The 4 ways to measure your presence and how to supercharge it.
  • Techniques used by Hollywood screenwriters to create an irresistible business story.   
  • One simple “hack” you can use right now that helps connect deeper with your audience over Zoom.
  • Why being “sunshine and roses” all the time can hurt your client’s experience and what you can do to gain their trust.
  • How to use your past failures to create a more relatable and emotional connection with your audience.
  • The 2-step method that allows you to be 100% present in any situation or conversation.
  • And the one strategy Carol wants you to steal that elevates trust and emotional resonance.
  • And more!

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