Steal My Strategy: Emotional Hooks, Compelling Offers and Predictable Growth… OH MY! with Adam Bensman

18 Nov, 2021 BY Nicolle

Everyone wants to be heard.

A sad truth is that not everyone is ready to listen

The true job of a marketer can be summed up in one word…listening.

Listening allows you to fully understand your audience better than anyone else, which then allows you to create compelling new offers and experiences that impact the growth of your business. 

Adam Bensman is one of the country’s top copywriters & marketing consultants with a desire to communicate complex messages and offers in a simple way that connects with people.

His passion for communication and expertise in the roofing industry makes him a sought-after marketing coach across industries. He’s helped a ton of businesses bridge the gap between their true value and ideal audience.

In this episode, we chat about the importance of emotion to hook your ideal audience, the kind of communication style needed to craft a compelling offer, and how to sustain predictable business growth.


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We explore:

  • The 7-Step formula to being authentic, confident, and win clients.
  • Why breaking the #1 rule in marketing will leave you “gambling the fate” of your business.
  • How to break through the “ceiling” you may be unconsciously putting on your business.
  • Understanding your audience’s wants vs. needs and crafting an emotional offer that speaks to that directly.
  • How to use empathy to “agitate the pain” and connect with your audience.
  • Defining “search triggers” and the role it plays in getting noticed and building credibility.
  • Recognizing when you’re “over-communicating” and nipping it in the bud once and for all. 
  • The importance of “I know” vs “I care” styles of communication and finding the perfect balance to get prospects in the door.
  • How to avoid the “bait and switch” marketing tactic in a way that delivers more value and gets people coming back for more.
  • And the one strategy Adam wants you to steal that builds stronger brands, boosts credibility, and drives interest from your audience.

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