[Podcast] Steal My Strategy: Mastering a Culture of Excellence with Colin Cerniglia

24 Aug, 2022 BY Kyle Cyr
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Today’s debate: “culture.” 

Is it a meaningless buzzword or a value-driven, transformational environment for employees?

Our guest Colin Cerniglia helps discern what separates a culture of excellence from misaligned, robotic organizations.

Colin is the Talent Acquisition Manager at Snappy Kraken.

With his passion and expertise in the sports industry, Colin is a leader in adapting strategies and coaching techniques that can be used in business.

He shares powerful stories from the Yankees that illustrate the crucial elements of excellence that can lead to trust and transformation.

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We Explore:

  • The same techniques the Yankees use teach us about powerful leadership and building strong teams.
  • Why staying proactive in the hiring process, even during slow-downs, is beneficial for your business.
  • How to set proper expectations when starting or maintaining a podcast.
  • The secret behind some of Snappy Kraken’s own recruiting processes.
  • Learn the hardest thing that plagues almost all businesses and how to overcome it.
  • And the one strategy Colin wants you to steal that instantly aligns you with your employees.


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