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25 Aug, 2021 BY Tyler

The Federal Reserve might start “tapering” soon.

Is it the end of the good times?

The last time the Fed tapered in 2013, during the recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, markets panicked and pitched a “taper tantrum.”

That’s because traders worried that less Fed support would hurt fundamentals and potentially cause a downturn.

But it didn’t.

And it’s unlikely to be the end of the world this time either.

Corrections are always something we should expect. They happen regularly and are a natural part of markets.

Keep your clients and prospects engaged with your perspective on what could be in store for the economy by sending our latest timely email: Taper Tantrum Part Deux?


More about this campaign:

Title: Taper Tantrum Part Deux?

Type: Single-Topic Email

Description: This in-depth, timely email explains what tapering is and provides reassurance as to why investors don’t need to panic.

Target Audience: Clients & Prospects

Primary Outcome/Action: Keep your clients and prospects engaged with your perspective on Fed tapering and what it means for their wallets.

Running Time: Single email

Timely emails present an easy, low-stakes way to maintain a relationship with your list of prospects and clients.

They make a difference!

Here are some of the results from our Weekly Crisis Emails that advisers used during the peak of COVID.

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Check out more feedback and comments from advisers here.

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