Nov 10, 2020 By Tyler

Campaign Releases, Single-Topic Emails

[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Post-Election Relief

Finally. We can put down our phones and stop checking for election updates every 20 minutes.

Now that the longest seven days you can remember are over, what comes next?

That’s what our latest timely email talks about.

It looks toward the future while referencing how markets have performed under different combinations of governmental party control in the past.

More about this campaign:

Title: Post-Election Relief

Type: Single-Topic Email

Description: Use this simple email to offer clients and prospects your perspective on the post-election relief and results.

Target Audience: Clients & Prospects

Primary Outcome/Action: Shift focus to the future and be thankful it’s over.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Start a deeper conversation.

Running Time: Single email


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