Jan 20, 2022 By Nicolle

Campaign Releases, Lead Generation

[NEW] Lead Generation – Estate Planning

Do you want to connect with people who need to create or review their estate planning?  This campaign is for you.

Massive changes introduced by recent laws have made many estate strategies outdated.

People who haven’t created or reviewed their estate plans in light of these new rules are at risk.

This new lead generation campaign encourages prospects to reach out to you to discuss their estate planning by providing a free guide. 

Inside they’ll find: 

  • The changes quietly caused by new rules
  • A “domino effect” caused by changes to taxes, trusts, gifting limits, and more
  • How their spouse and heirs could have been negatively impacted if their plan hasn’t been updated to reflect these new laws

The lead magnet is designed to be “precisely vague”. It provides good advice but opens a loop with critical questions that the prospect must work with you to resolve.

Attract fresh prospects by offering a compelling tool through a campaign that includes: 

  • A lead capture landing page
  • prospecting emails
  • social media posts
  • optional Facebook ads

Title: Estate Planning

Type: Lead Generation Campaign

Description: Attract fresh prospects by offering a compelling tool through a campaign that includes a lead-capture landing page, prospecting emails, social media posts, and optional Facebook ads

Running Time: 4 weeks.

Target audience: New leads

Trigger: Have recently opted into a lead-gen campaign

Secondary campaign outcome/actions: Book a calendar appointment or reach out to the advisor

Cold to Gold Stage: Build credibility, Start a conversation



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