Moving Prospects from “Cold to Gold™”

19 Nov, 2020 BY Tyler


There are 2 big categories when it comes to getting marketing done:

  • You have the exhausting way
  • You have the deliberate way

We get it!

Nobody wants to do it the exhausting way. It just happens.

You’ve got a lot going on: regular business operations, serving clients, and…just life in general.

Between everything that needs your attention, it can be easy for marketing to take a backseat…

…until the pressure comes on to “pick up marketing again.”

That’s when it happens–the random acts of marketing.

The spray and pray marketing.

In other words, the exhausting way.

It’s not a fun cycle.

It definitely soaks up a lot of time. And it can eat up a lot of money.

Even with all the grit and determination, you may not even experience the results you hoped for.

If this sounds like you, check out the presentation below. 👇

In 5X Your Return on Marketing Spend: How to Move Prospects From “Cold to Gold, our CEO Robert Sofia demystifies the digital marketing strategy that can give you a more deliberate, calm way to approach your marketing.

It will help give you some insight into carving out the fastest path to move prospects from “cold to gold.”

If you really want to get on the fast track to putting your strategy in place, we can help. Check out our newly-released 90-Day Marketing Accelerator (you can get started for $1).


In the presentation above, find out:

  • Exactly how the top 25% of financial advisers have 5x’d their return on ad spend
  • The 3-part email strategy that could help you get 14.31% higher open rates
  • How to keep your pipeline full by using these methods
  • Which type of campaigns “warm” prospects up the fastest
  • High converting engagement style to get more appointment requests

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