Light Camera Content! The Subtle Yet Effective Role of Lighting

11 Nov, 2022 BY Kyle Cyr


Light Camera Content- Lighting

Lighting is the unsung hero of cinema.

It sets the mood for how you want your audience to experience your content. 

Want them to feel happiness, anxiety, tension, curiosity, or even energized? 

Lighting can do that.

Like everything else discussed in this blog series, lighting is key in delivering information or telling a story.

If the lighting doesn’t match the message, you’ll lose your audience or worse, come off as disingenuous or unprofessional.

Regardless of your camera equipment, proper lighting makes for a more pleasant viewing experience.

Lighting Differences

People remember bad lighting because of how it made them feel.

A lot of it has to do with the way our eyes perceive light.

Let’s look at two examples:



How does this one make you feel?

Depressed, dark, brooding, mysterious, or maybe scared?

Imagine sending a video with that kind of lighting to your clients and prospects.

They’d probably think you’re being held hostage.

Take a look at this one:



This lighting setup is much more inviting, warm, confident, and professional.

Right away, your audience will feel a sense of security and comfort.

Let’s take your natural ability to comfort people in-person and transfer that to online content because these are the emotions that your clients and prospects already feel when working with you.


Shine Bright like a Diamond

Cameras do not respond to lighting the way our eyes do.

Which is why videos need a helping hand.

Here are three sure-fire lighting setup tips that will elevate any video.

  • Natural lighting (FREE) 
    • A simple hack to getting nice, even lighting, is having a window in front of you when recording. NEVER shoot a video with the window at your back unless you have proper lighting equipment.
  • Ring Light ($)
    • By far the most accessible and most affordable way to enhance your videos. Ring lights provide extra light with the option to change color temperature. Some versions also come with a phone holder for easy setup.
  • Lume Cube ($$)
    • A step above the ring light as far as versatility and everyday use go. It has different temperature and brightness settings, and it can either attach to the back of your computer or on a stand. Having one is excellent, but a set of 2 takes you to that whole other level.

Now, get out there and be the star that you are!


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