[NEW] Lead Generation Campaign | Hidden Tax Opportunities (That Are Likely to Expire)

16 Nov, 2021 BY Nicolle

Do you want to connect with prospects who want to take advantage of the current tax laws before they expire? This campaign is for you.

The current tax rules could radically change people’s financial picture. 

Some of these rules are set to expire in 2025, but they could change at any time without notice. 

For some people, these existing tax rules could permanently lower the taxes they’ll pay for LIFE.

This lead generation campaign highlights the urgency of leveraging current tax opportunities before they disappear. 

Drive traffic to your offer with prospecting emails, social media posts, and optional Facebook ads. 

Prospects who have immediate needs are encouraged to request an appointment with you, bringing these digital prospects right into your office.

 The campaign runs for 4 weeks and delivers the following:

  • 3 broadcast emails promoting the value of the free guide
  • 12 social media posts that automatically post to your social media accounts over 4 weeks
  • 1 landing page offering the free guide while capturing a prospect’s name & email address
  • 1 opt-in confirmation email
  • 2 opt-in follow-up emails
  • 1 confirmation page where motivated leads can request a free chat with you
  • 1 appointment confirmation page that points leads to your website


More about this campaign:

Title: Hidden Tax Opportunities (That Are Likely to Expire)

Type: Lead Generation Campaign

Description: Attract fresh prospects by offering a compelling downloadable tool through a campaign that includes a lead-capture landing page, prospecting emails, social media posts, and optional Facebook ads. Consider personalizing the download follow-up emails to engage with prospects.

Target Audience: Prospects, Retirees, Taxpayers, Pre-Retirees

Primary Outcome/Action: Get noticed and earn contacts

Running Time: 4 weeks.


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