Carolyn McClanahan M.D., CFP® and the Intersection of Health and Finance

01 Jul, 2021 BY Kyle


We hear comparisons between financial well-being and physical well-being all the time.

Well, Carolyn McClanahan is proof that these two domains are highly related.

In this episode, we tap the breadth of experience that McClanahan has as a medical doctor AND financial planner.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Her journey with health and finance
  • The value of having hard conversations
  • Planning for who people are, not who they want to be
  • A big mistake advisers make with clients
  • A simple question she teaches advisers to ask that makes sharing EASY
  • Achieving growth through hiring (and when should you hire)
  • Leveling up through coaching
  • Creating opportunities with the media
  • And much more

Links to check out:

You can find out more about Carolyn at

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