[NEW] Fresh Start - Visual Insights Newsletter Marketing Campaign for Financial Advisors

04 Jan, 2023 BY Nicolle

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Inspire clients and prospects to approach personal goal setting differently to achieve success.

For many, New Years is a time to set lofty self-improvement goals. 

But the diets, exercise regimens, and promises to do or stop doing something fail more often than not. Leaving people feeling pretty awful. 

But what if we’re looking at it all wrong?

This Visual Insights Newsletter presents a new way to approach personal goal setting by leveraging the fresh start effect. 

It highlights how people can set themselves up for success by:

  • Getting the timing right
  • Taking an honest look at the past
  • Defining their values
  • Changing their environment
  • Practicing a new hobby
  • Making time to do something good for themselves
  • Rethinking what progress and failure mean

This campaign provides content over 21 days.

The Financial Lesson offers valuable advice and can be quickly customized to add your personal spin.

Our Visual Insights Newsletter series offers interesting and entertaining insights on current topics designed to help you wow clients and nurture prospects.

Each issue is backed by research and designed to be highly shareable. 

To increase engagement and new subscribers, each Visual Insights Newsletter is just one piece of a larger campaign meant to dazzle readers while informing them—quickly.

It includes landing pages and social media promotions to help you build a bigger email list and get the word out about your firm.

This campaign can be sent to clients, prospects, friends, and anyone who enjoys receiving interesting financial content. It’s our most versatile marketing campaign for financial advisors!

Each Visual Insights Newsletter campaign delivers the following:

  • Landing Page With Email Capture Form
  • Promotional Emails
  • Confirmation Email
  • Follow-Up Email
  • Social Media Posts

Personalize this campaign to engage and entertain your clients & prospects now!

More about this campaign:

Title: Fresh Start

Type: Visual Insights Newsletter (VIN)

Description: The purpose of this marketing campaign for financial advisors is to educate, entertain, and inform clients about fresh starts

Primary Outcome: To increase engagement and new subscribers

Target Audience: Clients and some prospects

Running Time: 21 days



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